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Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Last Name Name AsNotedIn
Blackwood: Algernon Blackwood
Jacques Futrelle: Jacques Futrelle
Porter: William Sydney Porter
Saki: Saki


...And the Moon be Still as Bright (short story)
Ray Bradbury
13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey
Kathryn Tucker Windham
1601: Conversation, as it was by the Social Fireside, in the Time of the Tudors
Mark Twain
2004-05: The Naming of Names (short story)
Ray Bradbury
A Bird of Bagdad (short story)
A Bit of Jewish Mischief
Philip Roth
A Bit Of Wood (short story)
A Blackjack Bargainer (short story)
A Blade of Grass (short story)
Ray Bradbury
A Bundle of Letters
Henry James
A Call Loan (short story)
A Careful Man Dies (short story)
Ray Bradbury
A Case of Eavesdropping (short story)
A Change of Class (short story)
A Chaparral Christmas Gift (short story)
A Chaparral Prince (short story)
A Christmas Dream, and How It Came to be True (short story)
A Christmas Tragedy (short story)
A Comedy in Rubber (short story)
A Conversation With The West Nile Virus (short story)
A Cosmopolite in a Cafe (short story)
A Country Christmas (short story)
A Day of Days
Henry James
A Deal in Wheat and Other Stories of the New and Old West
Frank Norris
A Debt of Honor (short story)
A Departmental Case (short story)
A Descent into Egypt (short story)
A Descent into the Mealstrom
Edgar Allan Poe
A Desert Episode (short story)
A Diary of a Man of Fifty
Henry James
A Dinner at --- (short story)
A Dog's Tale
Mark Twain
A Double-dyed Deceiver (short story)
A Dreamer's Tales (short story collection)
A Fairy in the Flat (short story)
A Flight of Ravens (short story)
Ray Bradbury
A Fog in Santone (short story)
A Freeze-Out (short story)
A Fruitful Sunday (short story)
A Full Life (short story)
A Ghost of a Chance (short story)
A Harlem Tragedy (short story)
A Haunted Island (short story)
A Landscape Painter
Henry James
A Lickpenny Lover (short story)