Siege of Boston



Y/M/D Description Place
1775/00/00 Michael Cresap leads over 140 Maryland riflemen to Boston, the first troops from south of the Mason-Dixon line to join General Washington. Michael Cresap House, Oldtown
1775/04/19 American militia lay siege prevent British troops from leaving Boston Fort Washington, Cambridge
1775/07/00 Siege of Boston, George Washington Longfellow House - Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site, Cambridge
1775/10/10 Colonel Quincy makes a note on a pane of glass - Governor Gage sail'd for England with a fair wind Josiah Quincy House, Quincy
1776/00/00 Dorchester Heights National Historic Site, Boston
1776/01/00 With the right wing of the patriot army camped in Roxbury, First Commander John Thomas use the Dillaway-Thomas House as his headquarters. John Eliot Square District, Boston
1776/01/25 Henry Knox arrives in Boston with cannons from Fort Ticonderoga, used to fortify Dorchester Heights. Dorchester Heights National Historic Site, Boston
1776/04/17 British Navy, Regulars and Loyalist leave Boston after trying to enforce the King's laws Long Wharf and Customhouse Block, Boston

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