Alexander Hamilton Duel



Y/M/D Description Place
1803/11/14 A loyal friend and supporter of Aaron Burr, Robert Swartwout shoots Richard Riker, a supporter of Alexander Hamilton, in the leg in a duel.
1804/07/11 Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr dual with pistols in Weehawken. The semicircular wall surrounding the Hamilton monument was built by James Gore King to protect his guest, author Washington Irving, from falling off the promontory where he liked to nap. Weehawken, New Jersey
1804/07/15 Aaron Burr fleas to Archibald Clark's home after duel with Alexander Hamilton General Archibald Clark House, St Marys
1804/08/25 Aaron Burr arrives at Pierce Butler's Hampton Plantation, St Simon's Island where he will sojourn for a month. Hamilton Plantation Slave Cabins, St Simons Island

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