Assault on Fred Gump and Murder of Maizie Colbert


Y/M/D Description Place
1916/00/00 Unemployed Bernard Lewis, son of Wenman Lewis the founder of the Pittsburgh and West Virginia Coal Co, is charged with stealing a $1,000 bond from a former stock brokerage client and cut off financially from his family.
1916/11/00 Bernard Lewis leaves his wife, Laura, and their daughter, Betty, on a "business trip" back east.
1916/12/17 Bernard W Lewis writes a friend back home that he was planning suicide: "I am only a wreck ... See that no harm comes to Laura and Betty. Laura is a wonderful woman, and I'm paying tonight for wrecking her life."
1916/12/24 Harry Thaw sexually assaults and beats 19-year-old Fred Gump Jr with a stocky whip in a suite on the 18th Fl of the Hotel McAlpin. Thaw had enticed Gump to New York pretense of underwriting the teenagers enrollment at Carnegie Institute. Garment District,
1916/12/25 Thaw's bodyguard takes Fred Gump Jr to the Bronx Zoo.
1916/12/25 Thaw's bodyguard takes Fred Gump Jr to the Aquarium. Castle Clinton National Monument, New York City
1916/12/25 Fred Gump and Thaw's bodyguard return to the Hotel McAlpin where Gump is able to make his escape over to Baltimore and Ohio Ferry at 23rd St and take a train back to Pittsburgh.
1916/12/30 Hackney cab driver Elwood Powell takes Bernard Lewis to Maizie Agnes Colbert's apartment house on Poplar St. Working by the name of Grace Roberts, Ms Colbert was a model known as the "Onyx Girl".
1916/12/30 Hackney cab driver Powell reports to police that his passenger had run off and stiffed him for the $19.60 fare (about $300 today).
1916/12/30 Maizie Colbert is found murdered in her boudoir wearing a pair of blue silk pajamas, a sheet covering her bloody head. She had been beaten with a flatiron and strangled with one of her Onyx stockings.
1917/01/04 After discovering that the police are looking for him in the murder of Grace Roberts, Lewis tell a friend: "Isn't this terrible? I've been ruined by this murder. Why, I don't even know Maizie Colbert."
1917/01/05 As Police batter the door of Bernard Lewis's cottage at the States Villas in Atlantic City, he takes his own life with a shot from a .22-caliber rifle he bought the day before with $10 he borrowed from a maid.
1917/01/07 After a brief visit in New Jersey, Thaw arrives in Philadelphia and stays at the Belgravia Hotel. Belgravia Hotel, Philadelphia
1917/01/08 Harry Thaw attends a court hearing with his mother, Mary Sibbet Thaw, in connection with an automobile incident involving Harry. He seem rational then. Mrs Thaw took a train back home to Pittsburgh in the afternoon from Broad Street Station. North Philadelphia Station, Philadelphia
1917/01/09 Harry K Thaw is warned that police are coming to arrest him for whipping 19 year old Fred Gump Jr in New York City.
1917/01/11 Thaw tells his land lady, Mrs Elizabeth Tacot, that Bernard Lewis was not guilty and had been hounded into suicide. Garden Court Historic District, Philadelphia
1917/01/11 Police find Thaw with self inflicted wounds to his neck and wrist in a boarding house at 5260 Walnut St. Thaw was wanted in New York City and despondent over suicide of Bernard Lewis. Garden Court Historic District, Philadelphia

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