Battle of Princeton



Y/M/D Description Place
1777/01/03 Washington leads battle Princeton Battlefield, Princeton
1777/01/03 Battle of Princeton ends with a British surrender at Nassau Hall. Nassau Hall, Princeton University, Princeton
1777/01/03 Hugh Mercer receives 7 bayonet wounds and is carried off the battlefield by his aide-de-camp, John Armstrong, where he is treated by James Craik and Benjamin Rush. Princeton Battlefield, Princeton
1777/01/03 Washington leads battle Princeton Battlefield Historic District - Quaker Road, Princeton
1777/01/03 General Washington stays at the President's House during the Battle of Princeton President's House, Princeton
1777/01/12 Hugh Mercer dies from wounds received at the Battle of Princeton Princeton Battlefield, Princeton
1777/01/23 General Washington relieves the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry of duty where they return to Philadelphia. Princeton Battlefield, Princeton
1789/00/00 "The Death of General Mercer at the Battle of Princeton" 1789 ca 1831, oil painting, is located at Yale University.

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