Courtship of Widow Whitman


Y/M/D Description Place
1845/07/00 After attending a lecture by friend and poet Frances Sargent Osgood, Poe and Osgood stroll pass the home of Whitman while she was standing in the rose garden behind her house. Sarah Helen Whitman House, Providence
1848/12/22 The wedding was due to take place on December 25th, and on December 23rd Sarah and Edgar were in the Athenaeum with some other people when someone handed her a note. They had seen Edgar drinking the previous night and that morning. Providence Athenaeum,
1848/12/23 At the Athenaeum, Sarah Helen Whitman is informed that Poe has been drinking. She breaks off their engagement and runs home. Providence Athenaeum,
1848/12/23 Poe catches up to Sarah at home, finding her breathing ether for her heart condition. They never meet again. Sarah Helen Whitman House, Providence
1849/01/00 Do you know Sarah Helen Whitman? Of course, you have heard it rumored that she is to marry Poe. Well, she has seemed to me a good girl.... Has Mrs Whitman no friend within your knowledge that can faithfully explain Poe to her? H Greeley to R W Griswold

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