Bacon's Rebellion


Y/M/D Description Place
1676/07/30 Nathaniel Bacon, a cousin of Lady Frances Berkeley, issues the "Declaration of the People of Virginia" accusing Berkeley's administration of unfair taxation, cronyism and failing to protect settlers from Indian attack.
1676/10/26 Nathaniel Bacon abruptly dies of the "Bloodie Flux" and "Lousey Disease" (body lice). It is possible his soldiers burned his contaminated body because it was never found.
1677/01/00 Commissioners from the King arrive with a 1,000 soldiers and 11 ships to restore order and investigate the causes of the rebellion. By spring of 1677, Sir William had resigns as governor and set sails for the England to plead his case before the King.
1677/01/25 Berkeley returns to his burned capital and his looted home. His wife describes Green Spring in a letter: for the house it looked like one of those the boys pull down at Shrovetide, and was almost as much to repair as if it had beene new to build. Green Spring, Williamsburg
1677/02/00 The General Assembly meets at Green Spring, beginning their reign of terror. Enemies are imprisoned or executed, their lands and properties confiscated. Ruins of the jail where these men were confined are the only standing structure at Green Spring today. Green Spring, Williamsburg
1776/07/00 July through September 1676, Nathaniel Bacon controls Jamestown. During this time, Berkeley did come attempt a coup, but support for Bacon was still too strong and Berkeley was forced to flee to Accomack County on the Eastern Shore. Jamestown National Historic Site, Jamestown

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