Darien Expedition



Y/M/D Description Place
1870/01/17 Secretary of the Navy: I find that Mr Bowditch of Boston ... would like a place for his son as leveller or rodman on the Darien Expedition ... his name is Ernest W Bowditch. I do not doubt he will be an excellent assistant. - Charles Sumner
1870/02/22 Two boats, fully manned and armed, explore one mile of the Washington River. Finding it impossible to get through the mangroves, return to the shore of the bay, and 300 yards from the mouth of the river, drive in the first stake of the survey.
1870/04/01 The Darien expedition...continues to enjoy the very best of health, and...the climate of the Darien, in the dry season at least, can compete with the most healthy regions of the globe in point of salubrity. - Daily Alta California

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