Death of Theodore Roosevelt


Y/M/D Description Place
1919/01/06 As a result of a brain aneurism, Theodore Roosevelt dies at home in his sleep. Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, Town of Oyster Bay
1919/01/08 At Theodore Roosevelt's funeral, New York City mounted police guards follow a hearse past Christ Episcopal Church to Youngs Memorial Cemetery. The casket is carried up the pathway preceded by Rev Talmadge, Archie Roosevelt and other family members. Town of Oyster Bay, New York
1919/01/08 Rev George E Talmadge, pastor of Christ Episcopal Church, reads the simple service. Mouners: General Peyton C March, Thomas R Marshall and Rear Admiral Cameron M Winslow, Major-General Leonard Wood and Oscar S Straus.
1919/10/00 King Albert visits Theodore Roosevelt's grave in Youngs Memorial Cemetery, Oyster Bay, accompanied by his son Prince Leopold, Theodore Roosevelt Jr, Brand Whitlock, Ambassador to Belgium and Joseph M Nye. Town of Oyster Bay, New York
1919/10/25 Sponsored by Roosevelt Memorial Association, a flag service for TR is conducted on the steps of the NY Public Library. Notables include Henry Cabot Lodge and Henry J Allen. William Boyce Thompson holds the flag with the help of Henry D Lindsley. New York Public Library and Bryant Park, New York City
1919/10/27 The Roosevelt memorial flag, which was carried across New York State in TR's honor, is brought to rest at his grave in Youngs Memorial Cemetery, Oyster Bay, NY. Samuel Abbott, originator of the memorial flag idea, places the flag on TR's grave. Town of Oyster Bay, New York

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