State Exchange Bank Robbery



Y/M/D Description Place
1920/12/19 John R Burns, Art Silbert and Peter J Fox, wearing mask and heavily armed enter the State Exchange Bank on N Main St in Culver (NW corner of Jefferson, building has been modernized). Joe Beyers takes a position outside. Culver Commercial Historic District, Culver
1920/12/19 A postal clerk sees the robbery in progress, calls the town telephone operator who sounds the fire alarm. Armed citizens rush to the scene.
1920/12/19 Culver fire chief and hardware store owner, Jacob Russell Saine leaves his store across the street from the bank, approaches the getaway car and orders the drive to put his hands up. Gunfire from both sides erupts.
1920/12/19 Three assailants escape through the basement of the bank into an alleyway while lookout man, Joe Beyers, crosses the street to the Ewald Meat Market and locks several customers in the ice box.
1920/12/19 Joe Beyers makes it to the getaway car, and he and the driver, Earl Wilt, escape Culver with their guns blazing wounding Jacob Saine in the cheek and farmer and stock buyer Jerome Zechiel in the hip.
1920/12/19 Citizen posse apprehend Burns, Silbert and Fox in the alleyway and hold them for the town Marshall.
1920/12/20 Joe Beyers is captured the next day in Knox, Indiana with the bullet-riddled getaway car. Earl Wilt flees in a second car. Although tracked to the outskirts of Chicago, Wilt is never apprehended. Knox, Indiana
1921/01/00 In late January, while the four incarcerated defendants wait in the Marshall County Jail in Plymouth (razed) for their first hearing, Jacob Saine dies of his wounds and the accused are charged with first degree murder. Marshall County Jail, Plymouth
1921/02/00 After the death of Saine, attorneys for the State Exchange Bank Robbery defendants asked for a change of venue on the basis that they would not receive a fair in Marshall County. Marshall County Court House, Plymouth
1921/03/28 After the approval of change of the trial location to Warsaw in Kosciusko County, John R Burns, Art Silbert, Peter J Fox and Joe Beyers arrive at Kosciusko County Jail. Kosciusko County Jail, Warsaw

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