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Philanthropic foundation esblished by Andrew Carnegies that would "promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding" and do "real and permanent good in this world". - AsNotedIn

Carnegie Libraries

Andrew Carnegie the immigrant is less remembered than Andrew Carnegie the steel industry magnate and philanthropist. Carnegie could fund his philanthropy with profits from the sale of the Carnegie Steel Company in 1901, yet the direction those efforts took came out of his own experience as a poor immigrant. He was self-taught, and was said to attribute his later success to what he learned from the books in a private library. Most libraries in the late nineteenth century were private collections or subscription; neither was an affordable option for many Americans. Carnegie promoted equal access to knowledge, thus to opportunity, through his libraries. Local communities could apply for grant funds to construct the libraries, but they had to match the grant by supplying a location and a percentage of the funds. - HABS

The public library philanthropy of Andrew Carnegie, steel magnate, touched some 1406 communities during the years 1898 to 1919. That philanthropy was based on the sense that the rich had an obligation to use their excess wealth for the betterment of mankind. The public library in the nineteenth century was promoted as a viable means of "moral elevation" and as an agency for alleviating social ills common to the rising urban social order crime, alcoholism, prostitution, etc. Carnegie was also influenced by his business background in the sense that he viewed a city's investment as greater than his. Once a gift was made, it remained the city's responsibility to furnish and maintain the structure. Thus, Carnegie's contribution acted as an impetus to the commitment by a city to establish a free public library. - NRHP

Notable Position Person From To
Founder Andrew Carnegie
Trustee Cordenio Severance


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1903/00/00 Carnegie Library built at 500 National Ave Benefactor Library Park Historic District Las Vegas, NM
1903/00/00 Lincoln Public Library built with $25,000 from Carnegie Corp and $5,000 from Judge Foley Benefactor Lincoln Public Library Lincoln
1903/00/00 Benefactor Carnegie Library El Reno
1903/00/00 Andrew Carnegie makes a gift of $10,000 to build the Rice Lake Public Library Benefactor Rice Lake Carnegie Library Rice Lake
1903/01/00 Andrew Carnegie announces his donation of $10,000 for the Perry Library in January 1903. Benefactor Perry Carnegie Library Building Perry
1904/08/27 Gloversville Library building is built with 50,000 dollars from Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie's grant was largely due to his personal friendship with Dr Peck. The cornerstone was laid on 27 August 1904. Benefactor Gloversville Free Library Gloversville
1907/05/09 Built with $7,500 from the Carnegie Corporation on land donated by Judge Harry Higbee and his mother, Mrs Julia Higbee, wife of Judge Chauncey Higbee, the Pittsfield Public Library opens to the public. Benefactor Pittsfield Public Library Pittsfield
1914/00/00 Somerville Central Library is built in 1914 with funding assistance from the Carnegie Corporation. Benefactor Central Library Somerville
1916/00/00 Funded with $7,500 annually by the Carnegie Corporation and $20,000 by others, Dr Potter establishes the Memorial Laboratory and Clinic for the Study and Treatment of Nephritis, Gout and Diabetes at the French Hospital, New York City. Benefactor French Apartments New York City Development of Insulin to Treat Diabetes
1917/00/00 Benefactor Sidney Carnegie Library Sidney
1918/00/00 Benefactor Chapman Branch Library Salt Lake City
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