Charles Bulfinch

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Bulfinch was among the first American-born architects of distinction. Born in Boston in 1763, he graduated from Harvard, and studied European buildings using an itinerary drawn up by Thomas Jefferson. He became famous in New England for elegant private residences, churches, and public buildings. His most famous commission was the Massachusetts Statehouse of 1795-1798. Following his Washington career Bulfinch retired to Boston, where he died in 1844. - US Architect of the Capital


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect Superior Courthouse and Bartlett Mall Newburyport
Architect Harrison Gray Otis First House Boston
Architect Massachusetts Statehouse Boston
Architect Harrison Gray Otis Second House Boston
Architect University Hall, Harvard University Cambridge
Architect Park Street District Boston
Architect US Capitol Gatehouses And Gateposts Washington, DC
Architect Bulfinch Triangle Historic District Boston
Architect Capitol Complex Historic District Augusta, ME
Architect Maine State House Augusta, ME
1763/08/08 Born in Boston
1789/00/00 After heavy winds knocked down the original beacon in 1789, Charles Bulfinch designs a Doric brick column with a gilded eagle. Lost when the hill was leveled in 1811, a 1898 reproduction is located at the Massachusetts State House's Ashburton entrance. Architect Beacon Hill Historic District Boston
1792/00/00 Charles Bullfinch designs Connecticuts first State Capitol Architect Connecticut Statehouse Hartford
1798/00/00 John Codman doubles the size of the mansion Architect The Grange - Codman Estate Lincoln
1804/00/00 Nichols House occupies one of 4 townhouses built in 1804 for Jonathan Mason, businessman and Massachusetts state senator. Historians suggest Mason built the townhouses to the east of his own mansion for his four daughters. Architect Nichols House Museum Boston
1804/05/02 Its cornerstone laid on 23 September 1802, the New North Church is dedicated on 2 May 1804. Architect St Stephen's Church Boston
1805/00/00 Howe House is one of three adjoining homes built for Hepbsibah Swan, a wealthy widow, between 1804 and 1805 for her daughters. They were probably designed by Charles Bulfinch. Architect Samuel Gridley and Julia Ward Howe House Boston
1806/00/00 Built 1805-1806 Architect Quarters A New York City
1806/00/00 Charles Bulfinch remodels the hall, doubling its height and width, adding a third floor, enclosing the open arcades and moving the cupola to the opposite end of the building. Architect Faneuil Hall Boston
1815/00/00 University Hall is built between 1813-1815 Architect Harvard Yard Cambridge
1816/00/00 Current First Church of Christ meeting house is built of local brick Architect First Church of Christ, Lancaster Lancaster
1818/00/00 Third Architect of the Capitol, 1818-1829, designed domed central portion of the US Capitol Building Architect United States Capitol Washington, DC
1818/01/00 Charles Bulfinch's designs for Massachusetts General Hospital are accepted, south facade of the original center section, now known as the Bulfinch Pavilion has been preserved Architect Massachusetts General Hospital Boston
1828/00/00 Bulfinch adds second gallery supported by cast-iron columns in US Senate chamber Architect Old Senate Chamber United States Capitol
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