Nathaniel Bowditch Potter

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Nathaniel Bowditch Potter was a notable American medical researcher and physician. - AsNotedIn


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1869/12/25 Nathaniel Bowditch Potter is born in Keeseville, New York, the son of George Sabine and Mary Gill (Powell) Potter. Born
1888/00/00 Nathaniel Potter earns a Bachelor of Arts, College of the City of New York (College City of New York), 1888. Education College of the City of New York New York City
1890/00/00 Nathaniel B Potter graduates with a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard. Education Harvard University Cambridge
1896/00/00 Dr Potter works as a Medical interne at Massachusetts General Hospital, 1896-1898. Work Massachusetts General Hospital Boston
1896/00/00 Nathaniel Bowditch Potter earned his MD from Harvard Medical School and spends two years studying in Vienna. Education Harvard University Cambridge
1900/00/00 Dr Potter works as a visiting physician at New York City, Ruptured and Crippled, and French hospitals and consulting physician at the Manhattan Eastern State Hospital for the Insane at Central Islip (an original Islip building is at 555 Clayton St). Work Islip New York
1905/00/00 "Sahli's Clinical Diagnosis" is published in English, Edited by Francis P Kennicutt and Nathaniel Bowditch Potter. Work
1908/01/25 Bishop William Lawrence officiates at the wedding of Mary Sargent and Nathaniel Bowditch Potter. Groom Marriage of Mary Sargent and Dr Nathaniel Bowditch Potter
1911/00/00 The same year as the birth of his second daughter, Dr Potter is diagnosed with diabetes. With no known cure and almost inevitably fatal, the disease is manage only though strict dietary regimes, often leaving a patient emaciated. Health
1915/00/00 Potter's youngest daughter, Mary, is diagnosed with leukemia. Life
1915/00/00 I have been quite ill, the nature, degree, and knowledge of my illness I am still concealing from as large a portion of my world as possible, in the hopes of prolonging and still utilizing the efficiency which remains in me. - Potter letter, fall 1915 Health
1916/00/00 Funded with $7,500 annually by the Carnegie Corporation and $20,000 by others, Dr Potter establishes the Memorial Laboratory and Clinic for the Study and Treatment of Nephritis, Gout and Diabetes at the French Hospital, New York City. Health French Apartments New York City Development of Insulin to Treat Diabetes
1917/00/00 Told that the harsh eastern winters would likely kill him, Dr Potter moves to Santa Barbara, a nationally known health resort. Henry Pritchett, head of the Carnegie Foundation, had a home in Santa Barbara. Health
1919/07/05 Dr Nathaniel Potter dies in San Francisco. Flags in Santa Barbara flew at half-mast upon news of hispassing. Died Santa Barbara California Development of Insulin to Treat Diabetes
1919/10/00 October 1919, the new Potter Metabolic Clinic wing at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara is formally dedicated. Memoriam Development of Insulin to Treat Diabetes
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