Public Works Administration

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The Public Works Administration was a federal program that provided almost $6 billion during the 1930s to construct various public works projects including public buildings. Authorized under the National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933, the PWA was headed by Secretary of the Interior, Harold L Ickes. Ickes and the PWA, which was supposed to create jobs for the unemployed and stimulate an economic recovery, were criticized for the slow and arduous process of project selection and funding. Because of its deliberate pace, the PWA failed to provide the much-needed quick boost to the economy. Projects that were funded through the PWA typically received 30 percent federal funds which were matched with 70 percent local funds. Half of the schools and most of the municipal water and sewage systems built during the 1930s were funded in part through the PWA. - NRHP, 23 April 1997

Notable Position Person From To
Administrator of Public Works Harold LeClair Ickes


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Architect Hampton Waterworks Hampton
Architect Cotter Water Tower Cotter
Architect Melrose School Memphis, Tenn
Architect Superintendent's Residence at the Utah State Hospital Provo
Architect White Hall Historic District - White Hall Post Office White Hall
Architect US Post Office-Amory Amory
Architect Kearny School Raton
Architect Lloyd Woman's Club Lloyd
Architect Howard County Courthouse Nashville
Architect US Post Office-Old Hickory Nashville
Architect Dickson Post Office Dickson
Architect Riverdale School Knoxville
Architect East Hall Ocala
Architect Union High School Westminster
Architect Lodgepole Community Hall Lodgepole
Architect Wallace Historic District (Boundary Increase) Wallace
Architect Edenton Station, United States Fish and Fisheries Commission Edenton
Architect Leesburg Historic District Leesburg
Architect North Carolina Central University Durham
Architect Polk County Courthouse Mena
Architect Berwyn Health Center Berwyn
Architect Lewis County Courthouse Hohenwald
Architect South Elementary School Wynne
Architect De Valls Bluff Waterworks De Valls Bluff
Architect Monette Water Tower Monette
Architect Cross and Nelson Hall Historic District Magnolia
Architect Mountain View Waterworks Mountain View
Architect Bearden Waterworks Bearden
1935/00/00 Ozark Hall is built Architect Business Administration Building - University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Fayetteville
1941/00/00 Graves Creek Ranger Station garage is built by the Public Works Administration Architect Graves Creek Ranger Station Olympic National Park
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