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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1917/05/29 John Fitzgerald Kennedy is born at home in Brookline, Massachusetts. Born John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site Brookline John F Kennedy's Birthday
1917/06/19 John Kennedy is baptized at Saint Aidans Roman Catholic Church Faith Saint Aidan's Church and Rectory Brookline
1925/00/00 JFK attends Edward Devotion School from kindergarten until the beginning of 3rd grade, 1921-1925 (middle section of school, behind Devotion House, is from from JFKs time. Education Edward Devotion School Brookline
1929/00/00 After three seasons in residence with his family, Joseph Kennedy buys the property and greatly enlarges the main house originally constructed in 1904. It was in and around this house that the Kennedy children spent their summers. Home Kennedy Compound Barnstable
1938/06/00 Joseph P Kennedy and family take a second floor room for several months, before leaving for London Visitor Gramercy Park Hotel New York City
1940/06/00 John F Kennedy lives in Room 14 during his senior year at Harvard, JFK graduates June 1940 Education John Winthrop House Cambridge
1950/00/00 John Kennedy stays at The Brinkerhoff while in public office Visitor The Brinkerhoff Grand Teton National Park
1953/08/11 Gunilla von Post spends an evening with JFK at Antibes: dining, dancing and a moonlit stroll to the beach. Kennedy said "I fell in love with you tonight" but, about to be married, "If I had met you one week before, I would have cancelled the whole thing." Life Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur France John F Kennedy and Ms Von Post
1953/09/12 Jacqueline Bouvier marries US Representative John F Kennedy Groom St Mary's Church Newport Marriage of Jacqueline Bouvier and John F Kennedy
1953/09/12 Jacqueline Bouvier marries US Representative John F Kennedy Groom St Mary's Church Newport John F Kennedy and Ms Von Post
1954/03/00 John Kennedy writes his first of eleven letters to Gunilla von Post: "Do you remember our dinner and evening together this summer at Antibes and Cagnes." Lover John F Kennedy and Ms Von Post
1954/11/00 JFK writes Gunilla von Post "I am still in the hospital Hospital for Special Surgery, NYC after two months. I was terribly disappointed that at the last moment I was not able to come to Europe, especially when ... we could have had such a good time..." Lover John F Kennedy and Ms Von Post
1955/00/00 Irene Jackson sells Hickory Hill to United States Senator John F Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline. Home Hickory Hill McLean
1955/08/00 Ms Von Post and John Kennedy secretly meet at an old castle in Sweden. "I borrowed him for a week, a beautiful week that no-one can take away from me." - Ms Von Post Lover John F Kennedy and Ms Von Post
1956/00/00 John Kennedy buys a home of his own at 111 Irving Ave. Home Kennedy Compound Barnstable
1958/00/00 Von Post, with husband Anders Ekman, encounters Senator Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline at a gala at the Waldorf Astoria. Life Waldorf Astoria New York New York City John F Kennedy and Ms Von Post
1960/00/00 Jack Kennedy uses the family Compound as a base for his 1960 US Presidential campaign and later as a summer White House and presidential retreat until his assassination in November 1963. Politics Kennedy Compound Barnstable JFK Presidential Election
1960/11/07 Democrat candidate for US President, John F Kennedy speaks from the steps of Providence City Hall toward a crowd assembled on Kennedy Plaza. Politician Providence City Hall Providence JFK Presidential Election
1960/11/09 John F Kennedy makes his US Presidential acceptance speech Politician Hyannis National Guard Armory Battery D of the 685th AAA Battalion Barnstable JFK Presidential Election
1961/01/20 35th President of the United States 20 January 1961 to 22 November 1963 US President The White House Washington, DC JFK Presidential Election
1961/01/20 John F Kennedy is inaugurated President of the United States on Friday, January 20, 1961 at the eastern portico of the United States Capitol in Washington, DC. President United States Capitol Washington, DC JFK Presidential Election
1961/02/03 President Kennedy and Paul B Fay go to see "Spartacus". The theater is being picked by the League of Catholic War Veterans due to blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo. Life Spartacus Warner Theatre Washington, DC House Un-American Activities Hearings
1961/03/01 John F Kennedy signs Executive Order 10924, establishing the Peace Corps, which, as TIME put it, "captured the public imagination as had no other single act of the Kennedy Administration." US President
1962/02/20 At 4:10 pm, John Kennedy telephones John Glenn to congratulate him on completing three orbits of Earth. US President
1962/09/00 President and Mrs Kennedy watch the America's Cup Races from the deck of the USS JOSEPH P KENNEDY JR Visited USS JOSEPH P KENNEDY JR (DD-850) Battleship Cove
1962/10/22 President Kennedy announces that the US is establishing a "strict quarantine of all offensive military equipment under shipment to Cuba" US President Cuban Missile Crisis
1963/00/00 Wexford Weekend home Cromwell's Run Rural Historic District Rectortown
1963/04/09 After a vote of both houses of Congress, President John F Kennedy confers honorary American citizenship on Winston Churchill. Too ill to attend, Churchill's son Randolph accepts on his behalf at a White House ceremony. US President The White House Washington, DC
1963/06/00 Film makers follow JFK during the Integration of the University of Alabama President Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment The White House Washington, DC
1963/09/23 At the field house at the University of Wyoming, JFK speaks before some 12,000 people, the largest crowd ever assembled to hear a speaker in Wyoming. US President Old Main Laramie
1963/10/00 Kennedy writes a love note to Mary Meyer: "Why don't you leave suburbia for once-come and see me-either here-or at the Cape next week or in Boston the 19th". JFK never sent the letter, it was kept by his personal secretary, Evelyn Lincoln. Lover Assassination of John F Kennedy
1963/10/21 While having dinner with Ben Bradlee and his wife Tony, JFK ask Jackie to accompany him on a fund raising trip to Dallas, Texas. President The White House Washington, DC Assassination of John F Kennedy
1963/10/30 President John F Kennedy rides in a 13-mile open car motorcade from the Philadelphia International Airport to the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel. Dignitary Bellevue Stratford Hotel Philadelphia
1963/11/22 Lee Harvey Oswald shoots President Kennedy from the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository Died Zapruder film Dealey Plaza Historic District Dallas Assassination of John F Kennedy
1965/00/00 The people of Great Britain give an acre of land to the United States in memory of John F Kennedy. Designed by Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe, the memorial was unveiled by the Queen and Jackie Kennedy. Memoriam Kennedy Memorial Runnymede Assassination of John F Kennedy
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