Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1767/07/11 Born Born John Quincy Adams Birthplace Quincy John Quincy Adams' Birthday
1815/00/00 American diplomat John Quincy Adams and William H Prescott tour Hampton Court Palace. Visitor Hampton Court Molesey William H Prescott's 1815 Tour of England
1818/12/24 Americans and British deligates sign treaty to end the War of 1812 American Treaty Negotiator Treaty of Gent
1822/01/01 John Q Adams journal: From the President's we went to General Van Ness's, and paid a wedding visit to his daughter, Ann, who was last week married to Arthur Middleton. We met among the company there Mr and Mrs Eutis, and Mr and Mrs Russell. Well Wisher Marriage of Ann Elbertina Van Ness and Arthur Middleton
1825/08/09 Two of Will Mason's daughters are baptized at Temple Hall. Gilbert du Motier becomes godfather to Mary Carroll. President John Q Adams and former President James Monroe serve as godfathers to Maria Louisa. Faith Temple Hall Leesburg Lafayette's Triumphal Tour of America
1825/08/09 John Q Adams and Marquis de Lafayette visit James Monroe at Oak Hill. General Lafayette held 6 month old Edmund Berkeley. Companion Oak Hill Leesburg Lafayette's Triumphal Tour of America
1825/09/06 Lafayette meets with President John Q Adams and celebrates his 68th birthday at a White House banquet with President Adams. US President The White House Washington, DC Lafayette's Triumphal Tour of America
1826/07/05 John Q Adams inherits Peacefield Home The Old House at Peacefield Quincy
1826/11/13 Dr Parmely presents himself as a dentist and President Adams takes the opportunity to have a decayed tooth drawn. Parmely also scaled off tartar from Adam's lower front teeth, and urged the drawing of another tooth, which Adams postponed till tomorrow. Health The White House Washington, DC
1826/11/14 Tuesday - Dr Parmely came and completed his operations upon my teeth. He declined taking pay, but asked me for a recommendation. He is going soon to Charleston, SC, and will call again tomorrow. - John Q Adams' diary entry Health
1833/11/08 John Quincy Adams emerges from the Hightstown rail accident unharmed Passenger Hightstown New Jersey Hightstown Rail Derailment
1835/00/00 John Quincy Adams visits the Arnolds in 1835 and again in 1843 Visitor Wamsutta Club New Bedford
1837/03/00 Ned's Point lighthouse begins operating in 1837. The station was built after shipbuilder Joseph Meigs and Congressman John Quincy Adams convince Congress to approve $5,000 for its construction. Work Ned Point Light Mattapoisett
1841/02/24 John Quincy Adams Argues the Amistad Case before the US Supreme Court Defence Attorney Old Supreme Court Chamber United States Capitol United States v The Amistad
1843/11/09 Judge Jacob Burnet introduces the keynote speaker at the Cornerstone Ceremony for the original Cincinnati Observatory (lost) on Mount Ida, former President John Quincy Adams. Dignitary Holy Cross Monastery and Chapel Cincinnati
1848/02/23 John Quincy Adams suffers stroke at his desk on 21 February 1848, and dies 2 days later in an adjoining room. Home The National Statuary Hall United States Capitol
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