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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1876/05/10 At Bell's telephone exhibit at The Centennial Exposition, Emperor Dom Pedro of Brazil listens to Alexander Bell reading Hamlet's Soliloquy. "My God, it talks!" - Emperor Pedro. Inventor Centennial Exposition
1877/07/11 Mabel Hubbard marries Alexander Bell at the Hubbard estate (lost) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Alec's wedding present to his bride is 1,487 of his 1,497 shares in the newly formed Bell Telephone Company. Groom Hubbard Park Historic District Cambridge Marriage of Mabel Gardiner Hubbard and Alexander Graham Bell
1878/07/00 Alexander Graham Bell displays his telephone at the Exposition Universelle. Exposition Universelle (1878)
1881/07/26 Bell uses a metal detector that he invented to try find the bullet in Garfield. He was unsuccessful due, in part, to interference from Garfield's metal bed and Garfield's physician D Willard Bliss insistence of only examining the President's right side. Inventor The White House Washington, DC Assassination of James Garfield
1881/08/02 After Bell made adjustments to his device, testing it on another Civil War veteran and then a side of beef and a bag of cotton he'd hidden bullets in, he reexamines Garfield's right side at the Whitehouse. Inventor Assassination of James Garfield
1882/00/00 Bell family home 1882-1889 Home Brodhead-Bell-Morton Mansion Washington, DC
1885/00/00 Alexander Bell moves his laboratory to carriage house behind 1527 35th St. Work Volta Laboratory and Bureau Washington, DC
1886/00/00 Kate Keller seeks Dr Bell's help for Helen after recalling Dr Howe's work with deaf children at Perkins. She had read about Dr Howe teaching Laura Bridgman in 'American Notes'. Dr Bell says Helen could be helped at Perkins. Consultant American Notes Perkins School for the Blind Watertown
1887/01/24 Ernest W Bowditch writes a note to Alexander Graham Bell thanking him for helping his stuttering . Specialist
1893/00/00 Volta Bureau built under the direction of Alexander Graham Bell to serve as a center of information for deaf and hard of hearing persons. Work Volta Laboratory and Bureau Washington, DC
1904/01/25 Smithson's body is place in the Smithsonian Institution Building. Alexander Graham Bell and his wife, Mabel, had departed Genoa on 7 January 1904 and escorted Smithson's remains to DC, arriving on 20 January. Escort Smithsonian Institution Building Washington, DC
1907/00/00 Bought by Alexander Graham Bell's father in 1886, Alexander inherits the summer home in 1907. Home Bell House Colonial Beach
1922/08/22 Alexander Bell's dies at his estate in Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia, Canada. Died Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site of Canada Baddeck
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