Aaron Burr Jr

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Aaron Burr was Vice President of the United States under, President Thomas Jefferson, but he is best known for killing Alexander Hamilton in an illegal dual. - AsNotedIn



Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Visitor Larimer Mansion North Huntingdon
1756/02/06 Born Born Aaron Burr's Birthday
1773/09/23 Benedict Arnold and most of the expedition reach Fort Western. The full expedition set out from Fort Western on September 25. American Commander Fort Western Augusta, ME Benedict Arnold's Expedition to Quebec
1774/00/00 Aaron Burr graduates from Litchfield Law School. Education Reeve, Tapping, House and Law School Litchfield
1782/07/02 Theodosia Prevost marries Aaron Burr Groom The Hermitage Ho-Ho-Kus Marriage of Theodosia Prevost and Aaron Burr
1786/00/00 Erasmus Hall Academy building is built by the townspeople of Flatbush on land donated by the Dutch Reformed Church. Money provided by such notable people as John Vanderbilt, Alexander Hamilton, Jacob Lefferts, John Jay, Aaron Burr Benefactor Erasmus Hall Academy New York City
1804/07/11 Alexander Hamilton and Vice President Aaron Burr dual with pistols in Weehawken, New Jersey Belligerent Weehawken New Jersey Alexander Hamilton Duel
1804/07/15 Aaron Burr fleas to Archibald Clark's home after duel with Alexander Hamilton Visitor General Archibald Clark House St Marys Alexander Hamilton Duel
1804/08/25 Aaron Burr arrives at Pierce Butler's Hampton Plantation, St Simon's Island where he will sojourn for a month. Visitor Hamilton Plantation Slave Cabins St Simons Island Alexander Hamilton Duel
1805/02/04 Senate impeachment trial of Judge Samuel Chase, 4 February to 1 March 1805. The House of Representatives charged Judge Chase with eight articles of impeachment. Presiding Judge Old Supreme Court Chamber United States Capitol Impeachment Trial of Judge Chase
1805/05/05 Burr arrives in Marietta, Ohio. Fourteen miles south of Marietta, Burr lands on Blennerhassett Island and dines with the Blennerhassetts. At 11 o'clock, he continues his journey down the Ohio River. Visitor Blennerhassett Island Historic District Parkersburg Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1805/05/30 Burr arrives in Nashville, he spends four days as the guest of General Andrew Jackson, enjoying public balls and dinners. Visitor The Hermitage Nashville Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1805/06/00 General James Wilkinson provides Burr with "an elegant barge" and letters of introduction to friends in New Orleans. Defendant Fort Massac State Park Metropolis Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1805/06/25 Aaron Burr arrives in New Orleans and meets with Daniel Clark. Burr enjoys banquets and balls as he stays 10 to 12 days. Defendant Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1805/07/00 Sometime during July-September, Aaron Burr meets with General George Rogers Clark to solicit support for the creation of a new colony west of the Mississippi Instigator Locust Grove Louisville Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1806/08/00 While on Blennerhasset's Island, Burr contracts for the delivery of 15 boats capable of carrying 500 men, a large keel boat for transporting provisions and huge quantities of pork, corn meal, flour and whiskey. Defendant Blennerhassett Island Historic District Parkersburg Whiskey Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1807/07/00 Aaron Burr spends the night at the Lewis Inn on his way to Richmond for trial on charges of treason Defendant Lewis Inn Chester Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1807/07/00 Aaron Burr arrives in Chester as a prisoner and pleads for help from the local citizens, his podium is a rock located on Main St Defendant Chester Historic District Chester Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1807/08/03 Aaron Burr trial for treason begins in the Hall of the Virginia House of Delegates, Virginia State Capitol, Richmond. He is acquitted on 1 September 1807. Defendant Virginia State Capitol Richmond Aaron Burr Conspiracy
1833/00/00 Widow Eliza Bowen Jumel marries Aaron Burr in the downstairs parlor of Jumel Mansion Groom Morris-Jumel Mansion New York City Marriage of Eliza Bowen Jumel and Aaron Burr
1836/09/14 Died Died Event
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