Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1907/05/13 Daphne du Maurier is born in London, England, to actor Sir Gerald du Maurier and actress Muriel Beaumont. Born Daphne Du Maurier's Birthday
1916/00/00 Maurier's buy Cannon Hall, Hampstead. Home Cannon Hall Hampstead
1929/10/00 At "Ferryside", the du Mauriers' home in Bodinnick, Cornwall, Daphne du Maurier sets to work on her first novel. Author The Loving Spirit Ferryside Lanteglos
1931/00/00 The Loving Spirit is published Author The Loving Spirit
1932/07/19 Daphne du Maurier marries Frederick Browning at a simple ceremony at the Church of St Willow, Lanteglos-by-Fowey. They honeymooned on Frederick's boat, the Ygdrasil. Bride Church Of St Willow Lanteglos Marriage of Daphne du Maurier and Frederick Browning
1936/00/00 Jamaica Inn is is published Author Jamaica Inn
1938/00/00 Rebecca - published Author Rebecca
1941/00/00 Frenchman's Creek is published Author Frenchman's Creek
1945/00/00 Du Maurier writes "The King's General" at Menabilly, Cornwall, based on William Rashleigh's discovery of a skeleton Author The King's General
1946/00/00 The King's General is published Author The King's General
1951/00/00 My Cousin Rachel is published Author My Cousin Rachel
1952/00/00 The Apple Tree is published, includes The Birds Author The Birds (Novella)
1957/00/00 The Scapegoat is published Author The Scapegoat (Novel)
1968/03/01 The House on the Strand is published Author The House on the Strand
1971/00/00 "Not After Midnight" is published, includes "Don't Look Now". Author Don't Look Now (Novella)
1989/00/00 Dies Died

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Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
Title Type Association Y/M/D Moniker
The Loving Spirit Author Book 1931/00/00
Jamaica Inn Author Book 1936/00/00
Rebecca Author Book 1938/00/00
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Frenchman's Creek Author Book 1941/00/00
The King's General Author Book 1946/00/00
My Cousin Rachel Author Book 1951/00/00
The Birds (Novella) Author Book 1952/00/00
The Scapegoat (Novel) Author Book 1957/00/00
The House on the Strand Author Book 1968/03/01
Don't Look Now (Novella) Author Book 1971/00/00

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