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Golden Hill

  • Type: Neighborhood

Golden Hill - on the crest of a hill above the City was once one of the most stylish residential districts in San Diego. With its distinct location, Golden Hill has a magnificent view northwest to Point Loma and the harbor and southeast to the mountains. Golden Hill geographically is located between "A" and "F" Streets (north and south) and 19th to 28th Avenues (east and west) in San Diego. It was known between 1896 and the 1930s for its fine examples of architectural styles on tree lined streets. Homes were set back to allow large lawns and views for a distance. Golden Hill was "christened" in 1887 by the Trustees [City Council] of the City of San Diego. For nearly four decades it was one of the most fashionable places to live in all San Diego. The area might have been called "Politician or Lawyer's" Hill for the number of prominent senators, mayors, and lawyers who had homes built in this area. - NRHP, 22 June 1992

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Golden Hill


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Alfred Haines House
  • Sight
  • NRHP
2470 E St 25th St

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