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Abisko National Park
Agricultural Landscape of Southern Oland
Birka and Hovgarden
Borga Mountain Mountain
Church Village of Gammelstad, Lulea
Decorated Farmhouses of Halsingland
Engelsberg Ironworks
Gothenburg City
Gotland Island
Haparanda Town
High Coast, Kvarken Archipelago
Jarpen Town
Jukkasjarvi Village
Kalmar City
Kiruna Place
Klippan Place
Koster Islands Archipelago
Laponian Area
Lund City
Malmo City
Mining Area of the Great Copper Mountain in Falun
Mount Akka
Naval Port of Karlskrona
Njupeskar Waterfall
Ovagen Place
Rock Carvings in Tanum
Sonfjallet National Park Mountainous
Stockholm City
Stockholm Archipelago
Struve Geodetic Arc
The Lapp Gate
Uppsala Place
Vadstena Place
Varberg Radio Station

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Physiographic FeaturesTypeAsNotedIn
Borga Mountain Mountain
Mount Akka
Mount Sonfjallet Mountain

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Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia, Kattegat, and Skagerrak, between Finland and Norway - The World Factbook

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Particulars for Sweden:
Locale Type Nation

Demonym: Swedish
Corruption Perceptions Index - 2014, Transparency International: 4

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World War II in Sweden

History »

A military power during the 17th century, Sweden has not participated in any war for almost two centuries. An armed neutrality was preserved in both world wars. Sweden's long-successful economic formula of a capitalist system interlarded with substantial welfare elements was challenged in the 1990s by high unemployment and in 2000-02 and 2009 by the global economic downturns, but fiscal discipline over the past several years has allowed the country to weather economic vagaries. Sweden joined the EU in 1995, but the public rejected the introduction of the euro in a 2003 referendum. - The World Factbook

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