Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
Y/M/D Person Association Description Composition Food Event
1860/00/00 An octoagon house is built in 1859-1860 for financier Paul J Armour based on the architectural ideas of Orson Squire Fowler, the author of The Octoagon House: A Home for All Occasions.
1872/00/00 Tea importer, Joseph Stiner, buys the Armour house. By 1876, he has the house enlarged and the dome built.
1930/00/00 Aleko Lilius Home In the 1930s, Aleko Lilius makes his residence in the Armour-Stiner House.
1946/00/00 Author Carl Carmer buys the Armour-Stiner House. Living there until 1976, he included the residence in a number of his published stories and maintained that it was inhabited by a resident ghost.
1976/00/00 Joseph Pell Lombardi Architect, Owner Joseph Pell Lombardi buys and restores the Armour-Stiner (Octagon) House. He was awarded a Preservation Award for this work by the Metropolitan chapter of the Victorian Society in America in 1990.

Data »

Particulars for Armour-Stiner House:
Area of Significance Architecture
Criteria Architecture-Engineering
Sight Category Building
Architectural, Decorative Style Egyptian Revival
Cultural Affiliation Finnish-American
Level of Significance National
Architectural Style Octagon Mode
Owner Private
Historic Use Single dwelling

US National Registry of Historic Places Data »

Accurate at time of registration: 18th December 1975

Registry Name: Armour-Stiner House
Registry Address: 45 W. Clinton Ave.
Registry Number: 75001238
Resource Type: Building
Owner: Private
Architect: unknown
Architectural Style: Octagon mode
Area in Acres: 3
Contributing Buildings: 1
Other Certification: Designated National Landmark
Certification: Listed in the National Register
Nominator Name: National Historic Landmark
Level of Significance: National
Area of Significance: Architecture
Applicable Criteria: Architecture-Engineering
Period of Significance: 1850-1874
Significant Year: 1860, 1872, 1873
Historic Function: Domestic
Historic Sub-Function: Single dwelling
Current Function: Domestic
Current Sub-Function: Single dwelling

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