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In Cold Blood

  • Type: Book
  • As Noted In: 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die, Quintessence Editions
  • As Noted In: The Top 100 Mystery Novels of All Time, Mystery Writers of America
I lived the entire trip the boys went on from the time of the murders up to the moment of their arrest in Las Vegas thousands of miles, what the boys called "the long ride." I went everywhere the boys had gone, all the hotel rooms, every single place in the book. Mexico, Acapulco, all of it. In the hotel in Miami Beach I stayed for three days until the manager realized why I was there and asked me to leave, which I was only too glad to do. Well, Dick could give me the names and addresses of any hotel or place along the route where they'd spent maybe just half a night. He told me when I got to Miami to take a taxi to such-and- such a place and get out on the boardwalk and it would be southwest of there, number 232, and opposite I'd find two umbrellas in the sand which advertised "Tan with Coppertone." That was how exact he was. He was the one who remembered the little card in the Mexico City hotel room in the corner of the mirror that reads "Your day ends at 2 pm." Truman Capote

I was under the impression that the book was going to be factual, and it was not; it was a fiction book. - Kansas Bureau of Investigations Special Agent and future Director, Harold Nye, 1997 book "Truman Capote" by George Plimpton

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In Cold Blood
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Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1959/11/16 Truman Capote Author Then one morning in November, 1959, while flicking through The New York Times, I encountered on a deep-inside page, this headline: Wealthy Farmer, 3 of Family Slain.
1959/12/00 Nelle Harper Lee Work Truman Capote and research assistant Harper Lee travel to Holcomb, KS in the winter of 1960 to research 'In Cold Blood'. Finney County
1959/12/00 Truman Capote Work Truman Capote and research assistant Harper Lee travel to Holcomb, KS in the winter of 1960 to research 'In Cold Blood'. Finney County
1959/12/05 Alvin Dewey Work When news came to Mr Dewey at the county sheriff's office that Mr Hickock had been implicated - "Dewey said it wasn't them," lead prosecutor Duane West recalls. "Dewey was convinced it was somebody local who had a grudge against Herb Clutter." Finney County Courthouse Garden City
1959/12/09 Agent Nye, two KBI agents and a local sheriff's deputy investigate the Hickock farm. Finding only Dick's mother at home, they conduct a search, discover a shotgun and fire it outside to collect the empty casing for ballistic testing. Olathe Kansas
1966/00/00 Truman Capote Author In Cold Blood - published
1966/00/00 Random House Publisher In Cold Blood - published

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Particulars for In Cold Blood:
Art Type Book
Narrative Arts Factual
Narrative Arts Fiction
True Crime Murder
Area of Significance True Crime

Original Language: English

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