Assassination of John F Kennedy

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Y/M/D Description Place
1963/10/00 Kennedy writes a love note to Mary Meyer: "Why don't you leave suburbia for once-come and see me-either here-or at the Cape next week or in Boston the 19th". JFK never sent the letter, it was kept by his personal secretary, Evelyn Lincoln.
1963/10/21 While having dinner with Ben Bradlee and his wife Tony, JFK ask Jackie to accompany him on a fund raising trip to Dallas, Texas. The White House, Washington, DC
1963/11/22 Lee H Oswald departs the Paine house with a long, package - his Mannlicher Carcano rifle which he had stored in the garage. The gun was wrapped in a home-made brown bag made from paper and tape from the Texas School Book Depository. Ruth Paine Home, Irving
1963/11/22 the ... motorcade from the airport, hot, wild-like Mexico and Vienna, the sun was so strong in our face, I couldn't put on sunglasses and then we saw this tunnel, and I thought if you were on the left the sun wouldn't get into your eyes. - Jackie Kennedy
1963/11/22 Using an Italian Carcano bolt-action rifle, Lee Harvey Oswald shoots President Kennedy from the sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository. Texas School Book Depository, Dallas, TX
1963/11/22 A rifle shot strikes President John F Kennedy's upper back and exits his throat just below his larynx. Dealey Plaza Historic District, Dallas, TX
1963/11/22 I could see a piece of his skull coming off, it was flesh colored not white--he was holding out his hand - and I can see this perfectly clean piece detaching itself from his head - then he slumped in my lap. - Jackie Kennedy Dealey Plaza Historic District, Dallas, TX
1963/11/22 Then Clint Hill, he loved us, he was the first man in the car... we all lay down in the car and I kept saying "Jack, Jack, Jack" and someone was yelling "he's dead he's dead." - Jackie Kennedy Dealey Plaza Historic District, Dallas, TX
1963/11/22 All the ride to the hospital I kept bending over him saying "Jack, Jack can you hear me, I love you Jack." I kept holding the top of his head down - Jackie Kennedy
1963/11/22 Parkland Hospital: my legs my hands were covered with his brains...when Dave Powers saw this he burst out weeping. His head was so beautiful. I'd tried to hold the top of his head down, maybe I could keep it in...I knew he was dead. - Jackie Kennedy
1963/11/22 Lee Harvey Oswald returns to his rooming house, heads to his room and leaves in a hurry. Oswald Rooming House Museums, Dallas, TX
1963/11/22 Dallas Police officer J D Tippit encounters Lee Harvey Oswald at 10th and Patton streets, less than a mile away from the Oswald's rooming house. After exchanging a few words, Tippit exits his vehicle and Oswald fatally shoots the office with four shots.
1963/11/22 Dallas Police arrest Lee Harvey Oswald at the Texas Theatre on West Jefferson Boulevard in Dallas, Texas. Texas Theatre, Dallas, TX
1963/11/23 Millicent Martin sings "In the Summer of His Years" during the BBC show's, That Was the Week That Was, tribute to John Kennedy. The song was written by Herb Kretzmer and David Kretzmer soon after learning of the death of the American President. Broadcasting House, London
1963/11/29 Mahalia Jackson records a single, "Summer of His Years", for Columbia Records. The B-side is "Song For My Brother".
1963/12/02 American singer Connie Francis records "Summer of His Years" as a fund raiser for the family of Dallas police officer J D Tippit who was killed during the apprehension of Lee Harvey Oswald.
1963/12/05 The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy convenes on the second floor of the National Archives Building in Washington, DC. National Archives, Washington, DC
1963/12/06 "For President Kennedy: An Epilogue" by Theodore H White is published in LIFE magazine.
1964/10/12 Mary Meyer, painter and the wife of CIA agent Cord Meyer, is murdered while walking alone on the C and O towpath above Georgetown. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Georgetown, Washington, DC
1964/10/13 Ben Bradlee and his wife, Tony Bradlee, sister of the deceased Mary Meyer, retrieve Mary's diary and turn it over to the CIA after finding James Jesus Angleton, the agency's counterintelligence chief, trying to pick the lock of Meyer's studio door.
1965/00/00 The people of Great Britain give an acre of land to the United States in memory of John F Kennedy. Designed by Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe, the memorial was unveiled by the Queen and Jackie Kennedy. Kennedy Memorial, Runnymede
1965/07/29 Arrested hiding in the bushes near the murder scene, Ray Crump Jr is acquitted of killing Mary Meyer. Crump subsequently racked up a horrific life of crime, but Mary Pinchot Meyer's murder remains unsolved. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, Georgetown, Washington, DC
1977/00/00 The 1961 Lincoln Continental, SS-100-X that President John F Kennedy was riding in when he was assassinated remained in service until early 1977. The car is now exhibited to the public at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.

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