Advent of the Curtain Wall


Y/M/D Description Place
1908/00/00 Louis Curtiss designs the Louis Curtiss Studio Building, built 1909 Louis Curtiss Studio Building, Kansas City, MO
1930/05/27 Chrysler Building, the first man-made structure to stand taller than 1,000 feet (305 m), is completed at 1,046 feet (319 m). Chrysler Building, New York City
1931/04/01 Steel framing of the 1250-ft Empire State Building begins. Erected at a rate of more than a story a day, the structure was constructed in 20 weeks. The topping out of the structure was completed by Post and McCord, a division of American Bridge Co. Empire State Building, NYC, New York City
1931/08/00 The completion of Cleveland Stadium inspires Armen Tashjian to write an article on the historical transition from the masonry bearing-wall to the curtain wall, an excellent statement of the application of logic and rationalism in C20 architecture. Cleveland Municipal Stadium (razed), Cleveland

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