King George VI and Queen Elizabeth State Visit of Canada


Y/M/D Description Place
1938/08/18 At the dedication of the Thousand Islands International Bridge, Mackenzie King informs FDR that King George and Queen Elizabeth will be visiting the Canada in 1939. Thousand Islands Bridge, US-CN, Alexandria, NY
1938/08/18 At the dedication of the Thousand Islands International Bridge, Mackenzie King informs FDR that King George and Queen Elizabeth will be visiting the Canada in 1939. Thousand Islands Bridge, US-CN, Lansdowne, CA-ON
1938/08/20 FDR composes a letter to George VI. "If this visit should become a reality?. I hope very much that you will extend your visit to include the United States." FDR also offers to host the royals at Hyde Park as a rest from their demanding Canadian schedule.
1938/08/20 FDR sends a note to Joseph Kennedy, US ambassador to UK: "Dear Joe, enclosed is a strictly personal letter to the King. Will you be good enough to see that it is delivered to him in person?"
1938/11/00 King George writes: I am happy to say that the way now seems clear for me to gratify my wish and accept this invitation, which I do with the utmost pleasure.
1938/11/08 During the state opening of Parliament, King George announces his happiness in accepting Franklin Roosevelt's invitation and warmly welcomes this practical expression of good feeling between the two countries. House of Commons, Palace of Westminster
1939/05/17 King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and their entourage arrive in Quebec City aboard the Canadian Pacific ocean liner SS EMPRESS OF AUSTRALIA. Quebec City, Quebec
1939/05/20 The royal party, visitors, staff, security detail and the press travel to Ottawa on two twelve-car trains. Each train is composed of six cars from Canadian National Railway and six from the Canadian Pacific.
1939/05/20 Queen Elizabeth lays the cornerstone of the Canadian Supreme Court building.
1939/05/20 King George VI dedicates the National War Memorial.
1939/05/20 In Toronto the royal couple inaugurate the Queen Elizabeth Way.
1939/05/29 The Royal entourage arrive in Vancouver via the Canadian Pacific. CPR No 2850 pulled the train the entire 3,300 miles, setting a world record for longest continuous run by a single steam locomotive. Waterfront Station, Vancouver
1939/06/01 A week before the royal visit, entrepreneurs advertise seats along the parade route in Washington, DC, priced from $3.50 to $20.
1939/06/07 King George, Queen Elizabeth and their party (including, a lady in waiting) embark from Ontario aboard the royal train.
1939/06/07 The Royal Train crosses the border at Niagara Falls pulled into the United States on the New York Central by a J-class Hudson. King George VI is the first British monarch to enter the United States of America. Niagara Falls, NY, New York
1939/06/07 A 12-car pilot train with maintenance crews, reporters and security details departs Buffalo. Precautions include tenders filled with high-grade coal, facing turnouts are spiked closed, adjacent trains are inspected, opposing trains are limited to 30 mph.
1939/06/07 The Royals leave Buffalo via a Canadian Pacific business car at the end of a royal blue 12-car train painted that includes a steam electrical generator, backup gas engine, telephone switchboard, kitchen, dining room, barber shop and post office. New York Central Terminal, Buffalo, NY
1939/06/08 An axle bearing overheats on one of the pilot train cars near Williamsport PA. While the ailing car is replaced the royal train continues.
1939/06/08 The royal train passes through York Pennsylvania. The US State Department guaranteed Pennsylvania Railroad a minimum of 200 first-class fares for handling the two trains, although there were usually fewer than 150 persons aboard.
1939/06/08 At Baltimore, PRR president Martin Clement leaves the royal train to take charge of the late pilot train. Wearing a tuxedo, he helps to couple up a GG1 and check its air lines.
1939/06/08 Reaching speeds of 80 mph, the pilot train overtakes the royal train and arrives in Washington before the royal entourage.
1939/06/08 President Franklin Roosevelt and his wife, Eleanor, meet King George VI, dressed in full military regalia, and his wife, Queen Elizabeth, at Union Station. Union Station, Washington, DC
1939/06/08 More than 250,000 people throng the parade route from Union Station to the White House, where the royal couple will stay.
1939/06/08 Britain's King George and Queen Elizabeth tour the US Capitol. The Queen cranes her neck to see the paintings in the Rotunda. United States Capitol, Washington, DC
1939/06/08 British Ambassador Sir Ronald Lindsay, holds a garden party for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. King George and JP Morgan are able to chat. British Embassy, DC, Washington, DC
1939/06/08 Guests assemble in the White House's East Room before moving to the State Dining Room for dinner, served on a gold table service in use since the Madison administration. White House East Room, The White House
1939/06/09 Roosevelts and the royals sail from the Navy Yard on the presidential yacht Potomac to Mount Vernon. Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC
1939/06/09 President Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt take George VI and Queen Elizabeth on the USS Potomac from Washington, DC, to George Washington's home at Mount Vernon. USS POTOMAC (yacht), Oakland
1939/06/09 With the grounds closed to the public, King George VI, a direct descendant of George III, lays a wreath upon Washington's sarcophagus. After the solemn presentation, the royal party are escorted through the Mansion and gardens. Mount Vernon Estate, VA, Mt Vernon, VA
1939/06/09 King George VI meets with members of the work relief program at Fort Hunt in Virginia. Fort Hunt, Mt Vernon, VA
1939/06/09 King George VI lays a wreath at Arlington Cemetery's The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA
1939/06/09 Royal rail car leaves Union Station for NYC. A Washington Post copy boy, who saw.... As they moved away in the gloom, the Queen's tiara sparkling, he turned to a reporter and sighed "It was just like a fadeout in a movie, wasn't it?" Union Station, Washington, DC
1939/06/10 Between midnight and 3:00 am, King George rides in the cab PRR No 4838, GG-1, a streamlined electric locomotive, to Philadelphia.
1939/06/10 From Jamesburg NJ, a K4 Pacific pulls the royal train to Red Bank, NJ, on the New York and Long Branch Railroad. Reaching Red Bank around 6:00 am, the royal train parks in the freight yard until shortly before 8:00 am, when it arrives at the station. Red Bank Passenger Station, Red Bank, NJ
1939/06/10 After a public reception, the King and Queen are driven by automobile to Fort Hancock and board the Navy destroyer USS Washington where they will sail for The Battery on Manhattan Island, New York City. Fort Hancock and the Sandy Hook Proving Ground Historic District, Sandy Hook
1939/06/10 New York City's Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia and New York Governor Herbert Lehman greet King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at The Battery. Battery Park, NYC, New York City
1939/06/10 The King and Queen are driven from The Battery on Manhattan Island via motorcade to the New York World's Fair. 1939 New York World's Fair Grounds, New York City
1939/06/10 Whalen escorts the royals into Perylon Hall's main room where they sign the guestbook - George R I and Elizabeth R, receive a Cartier gold and crystal Trylon and Perisphere, and begin greeting hundreds of officials and social elite.
1939/06/10 The King and Queen motor to Columbia University which was founded in 1754 as King's College by royal charter of King George II of England. Entering 116th St by way of Amsterdam, the Royal car is greeted by 5000 cheering students and faculty. Columbia University, Morningside,
1939/06/10 King George and Queen Elizabeth sign the guest book and review the original 1754 charter that established Kings College. The 15 minute ceremony closes with the playing of the Star Spangle Banner and the Royals motoring off to Hyde Park, NY. Low Memorial Library, New York City
1939/06/10 George VI and Queen Elizabeth have a casual dinner with the Roosevelts at "Springwood". Home of Franklin D Roosevelt National Historic Site, Hyde Park, NY
1939/06/10 The Roosevelt's and the Royal's evening entertainment is simple conversation, unfettered by formalities. Home of Franklin D Roosevelt National Historic Site, Hyde Park, NY
1939/06/11 King George and Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon MacKenzie King ride with Franklin D Roosevelt in the president's car as they are driven away from St James Church. St James Episcopal Church, Hyde Park, Hyde Park, NY
1939/06/11 Queen Elizabeth, Sara Delano Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt ride together as they leave St James Church.
1939/06/11 Frank Roosevelt cooks hot dogs for King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. They also serve Virginia ham, cold turkey, sausages (hot), cranberry jelly, green salad, rolls and strawberry shortcake. Top Cottage, Hyde Park, NY
1939/06/11 The Roosevelts offer King George VI and Queen Elizabeth beer, soft drinks and coffee. Franklin breaks protocol and proposes a toast to the Queen. She reportedly drinks to herself. Top Cottage, Hyde Park, NY
1939/06/11 King George VI enjoys a second hot dog and beer with Franklin Roosevelt. Top Cottage, Hyde Park, NY
1939/06/11 J3-class Hudson departs Poughkeepsie, pulling the royal train to Hyde Park. During the Royal couple's stay in Hyde Park, both trains were parked at Poughkeepsie where most of their passengers spent the night aboard them. Poughkeepsie Railroad Station, Poughkeepsie, NY
1939/06/11 British Sovereigns, George and Elizabeth, board their royal train and depart Hyde Park. Hyde Park Railroad Station, Hyde Park, NY
1939/06/11 The royal trains stop at Rensselaer NY, where Delaware and Hudson Pacifics takes command. New York Central engineers serve as pilots next to D and H crews for the next six miles of NYC's Troy and Greenbush Branch.
1939/06/12 At one minute past midnight, the royal train enters Delaware and Hudson Railroad right-of-way at Troy, New York.
1939/06/12 The Royal train convoy reaches the Canadian border at Rouses Point. It will cross into Canada on the Delaware and Hudson Railroad's Napierville Junction Railway and given over to the control of the Canadian Pacific at Delson, Quebec. Rouses Point Railroad Station, Rouses Point

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