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The Last Laugh (film)

  • Type: Film
  • Length: 90 minutes

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1924/12/23 F W Murnau Director "The Last Laugh" starring Olaf Storm, Hermann Vallentin, Maly Delschaft and Emil Jannings is released in the German Reich. The silent film features Murnau's pioneering 'unchained' camera technique, now known as a dolly shot, and one intertitle. Creation of Cinematic Film
1925/00/00 Alfred Hitchcock Work Working at Babelsberg next to a F Murnau shoot, Hitchcock discovers THE LAST LAUGH, an "almost the perfect film. It told its story even without subtitles, from beginning to end entirely by the use of imagery, and that had a tremendous influence on me."

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Particulars for The Last Laugh (film):
Narrative Arts Drama
Art Type Film
Film Genre Kammerspielfilm German "chamber drama", films on psychological character, typically of working class
Narrative Arts Live Action
Narrative Arts Narrative an account of connected events
Narrative Arts Silent Film
Culture Weimar Republic Culture the society, arts and sciences that in Germany between 1918 and 1933 Germany's defeat in World War I in 1918 and Hitler's rise to power in 1933

Original Language: German

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