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Disneyland Dream

  • Type: Film
  • Length: 35 minutes

Disneyland Dream is a home movie shot by Robbins Barstow of a trip the family made to Southern California. Their 4 year son Dan won the 1 week trip from a 3M Scotch Tape contest. Mr Barstow's family includes: wife Meg and children Mary (11 in the film), David (8) and Dan (4). The film is also notable for recording an 11 year old, Disneyland employee and future movie star, named Steve Martin. He is in a pink shirt and top hat (seen fleetingly in the lower part of the frame moving left to right, in front of the train going over the tunnel, about 20 minutes 20 seconds into the film) hawking guidebooks. - AsNotedIn

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Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1956/07/00 Barstow family take the SS CATALINA to Catalina Island SS CATALINA Los Angeles
1956/07/00 Barstow family have fun on Catalina Island Santa Catalina Island California
1956/07/00 The Barstow family visits Disneyland for 4 days. Disneyland Anaheim, CA

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Particulars for Disneyland Dream:
Art Type Film
Narrative Arts Home Movie
Narrative Arts Narrative an account of connected events

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