Reuben Sandwich

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A Reuben sandwich is corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut with Russian Dressing on Pumpernickel bread. - AsNotedIn


Ingredient Quantity
Emmentaler Cheese 2 slices
Pumpernickel 2 slices
Sauerkraut 4 ounces

Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1928/00/00 Charles Schimmel asks his son Bernard to create something good with corned beef and sauerkraut, saying Reuben wants a sandwich with sauerkraut. Bernard makes a sandwich of corned beef, sauerkraut, Emmental cheese and Russian dressing on grilled pimpernel. Blackstone Hotel Omaha, NE
1929/00/00 The Reuben sandwich is added to the Blackstone coffee shop menu. Eventually the Reuben will be included on the menus of all four of the Schimmel hotels. Blackstone Hotel Omaha, NE
1935/00/00 The recently opened Plush Horse restaurant in the Blackstone Hotel offers a "Rueben" sandwich for 50 cents. Blackstone Hotel Omaha, NE
1937/10/09 Cornhusker Hotel (lost, imploded 1982) in Lincoln, Nebraska, features a "Rueben" sandwich. Lincoln, NE Nebraska
1945/00/00 The Plush Horse at the Blackstone Hotel offers a "Rueben" sandwich for 60 cents. All prices are our ceiling prices or below. By OPA regulation, our ceilings are based on our highest prices from April 4 to 10, 1943. Blackstone Hotel Omaha, NE
1956/00/00 Fern Snider, a former waitress at the Blackstone Hotel, wins the National Restaurant Association's Sandwich of the Year award with her Reuben. The recipe is published in the association's magazine where it gains popularity in American restaurants. Blackstone Hotel Omaha, NE
1956/01/19 Cornhusker Hotel (lost, imploded 1982) in Lincoln, Nebraska, offers a "Rueben" sandwich consisting of corned beef, Sauer Kraut, Swiss cheese on Russian Rye.
Food Type Deli sandwich
Food Type Hot Sandwich

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Particulars for :
Food Attribute American Food
Product Kind Food
Food Category Victual

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