Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1869/00/00 German immigrant, Charles Feltman, begins selling Coney Island Red Hots - a frankfurter in a long bun - from a pushcart to customers at Coney Island. Coney Island
1928/00/00 On the first day of business, Frank Gordy makes $47.30 serving 5 cent hot dogs and where the most expensive menu item is a dime. The Varsity, Atlanta Atlanta
1928/00/00 Walter's Asian inspired Hot Dog stand is constructed for Eugene Warrington. Walter's Hot Dog Stand Mamaroneck
1939/06/11 King George VI Guest King George VI enjoys two hot dogs and beer with Franklin Roosevelt. Top Cottage Hyde Park
1939/06/11 Franklin D Roosevelt Host Frank Roosevelt cooks and serves hot dogs to King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Roosevelt breaks protocol and proposes a toast to the Queen. She reportedly drank to herself. Top Cottage Hyde Park King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Visit America
1990/00/00 George H W Bush Customer George H W Bush orders a hot dog, peach pie and a coke while dining with a few customers. The Varsity, Atlanta Atlanta

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Food Attribute American Food
Product Kind Food
Food Type Meat
Food Type Meat Sausage
Food Category Victual

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