Alpine Strawberry

  • Scientific Name: Fragaria Vesca
  • Also Known As: Wild Strawberry
  • As Noted In: 1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die, Quintessence Editions


Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1300/00/00 By the 1300s, the French begin transplanting the wood strawberry (Fragaria vesca) from the forest to their gardens. The Wild Strawberry or Wood Strawberry Fragaria vesca is native to the temperate regions of Eurasia and North America.
1709/00/00 Louis XIV of France Health Doctor Antoine Daquin forbids Louis XIV from eating strawberries which give him serious indigestion. The monarch will carry on eating des fraises with wine for at least another year. Chateau de Versailles Palace and Park of Versailles
1750/00/00 Duchesne shows that Alpine Strawberries are cultivated in London around the middle of the 18th century. Introduced from Northern Italy, the culture spread to Holland.

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Particulars for :
Product Kind Food
Food Attribute French Food
Food Type Fruit
Food Attribute Italian Food
Plant Family Rosaceae
Food Category Victual

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