Lubecker Marzipan

  • As Noted In: 1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die, Quintessence Editions
  • As Noted In: Protected Geographical Indication, European Commission

Lubecker Marzipan is a traditional confection made from ground almonds and sugar. The chewy, soft dough can be made into many shapes, including potatoes, or loafs and dipped in chocolate. Government standards requires Lubecker Marzipan, a geographically protected product, to have a higher proportion of almonds to sugar than ordinary marzipan. Lubeck marzipan has a ratio of at least 70 parts marzipan paste and 30 parts sugar while Lubeck fine marzipan is made with a ratio of 90 parts marzipan paste and 10 parts sugar. - AsNotedIn

Now if anyone wishes to vent a little spite against me, or take a casual swipe at me, I can count on his bringing up my Luebeck origin and Luebeck marzipan. If some ill-wisher can think of nothing else, he invariably thinks of connecting me with comic marzipan and representing me as a marzipan baker. Such stuff goes by the name of literary satire. But it does not bother me ... and I certainly do not feel in the least insulted about the marzipan. In the first place it is a very tasty confection, and in the second place it is anything but trivial; rather it is remarkable and, as I have said, mysterious ... and if we examine this sweet more closely, this mixture of almonds, rosewater and sugar, the suspicion arises that it is originally oriental, a [Haremskonfekt] confection for the harem, and that in all probability the recipe for this barely digestible delicacy came to Luebeck from the Orient by way of Venice ... and it turns out that those wits are not so wrong as they themselves think, that Death in Venice is really 'marzipan' although in a deeper sense than they ever meant it.
Thomas Mann, Lubeck as a Way of Life and Thought, 1926

Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1530/00/00 'Martzapaen' is recorded in Lubeck's guild-rolls. Only apothecaries are allowed to trade with sugar and spices. Lubeck Schleswig-Holstein
1800/00/00 About 135 marzipan producers, mostly pastry shops, operate in Lubeck. Lubeck Schleswig-Holstein
1806/03/01 Johann Georg Niederegger of Ulm opens a confections story in the Free and Hanseatic City of Lubeck where he makes marzipan with almonds, and sugar. Lubeck Schleswig-Holstein
1822/00/00 Johann Niederegger opens a store on Breite Strasser, opposite the Rathsaus. Cafe Niederegger - Stammhaus Lubeck
1845/00/00 In business since 1845, Carstens makes Lubecker marzipan with ground almonds, sugar and rosewater. They also offer bars of Lubeck marzipan is infused with orange licquor and covered in dark chocolate. Lubeck Schleswig-Holstein
1926/06/05 Thomas Mann Home Town Thomas Mann delivers an address on the 700th anniversary of Lubeck, Germany: I certainly do not feel in the least insulted about the marzipan. In the first place it is a very tasty confection, and in the second place it is anything but trivial. - TM Lubeck Schleswig-Holstein

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