Squat Lobster

  • Also Known As: Langostino
  • Also Known As: Langostinos Colorado
  • Also Known As: Tuna Crab
  • As Noted In: 1001 Foods You Must Taste Before You Die, Quintessence Editions

Squat lobsters are a diverse group crustaceans closely related to mole and hermit crabs. Found worldwide, more than 1,000 species of Squat lobsters are classified in two large families: Chirostyloidea and Galatheoidea. Chirostylids are mostly deep water animals and include species characterized by slender and elongated front pincers. Galatheids, roughly 75 percent of squat lobsters, live in habits as that vary from tropical reefs to deep water chasms. Known as langostino Colorado, the Pleuroncodes monodon are found in the cold, deep waters off the coast of Chile. Caught by trawlers, squat lobsters are and landed alive for processing. Used in a range of dishes, langostinos can be enjoyed simmered with garlic, lime juice, peppers and onions. - AsNotedIn


Food Type Shellfish

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Particulars for :
Animal Crustacean
Product Kind Food
Food Category Victual

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