• Scientific Name: Fragaria Ananassa
  • Also Known As: Garden Strawberry
  • As Noted In: World's Best Snacks, Small Plates and Treats, Phantom
What flavor can be more agreeable to our palates than that of this little fruit, which thus, as it were, exudes from the earth at the very beginning of the summer, without any care of ours? Henry David Thoreau

Historically, the modern strawberry or garden strawberry is a hybrid of the Fragaria chiloensis, also known as the wild beach strawberry or Chilean strawberry, and the Fragaria virginiana, the wild Virginia strawberry. - AsNotedIn

Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1300/00/00 By the 1300s, the French begin transplanting the wood strawberry (Fragaria vesca) from the forest to their gardens. The Wild Strawberry or Wood Strawberry Fragaria vesca is native to the temperate regions of Eurasia and North America.
1600/00/00 At the end of the 1500's the musky strawberry (Fragaria moschata) is cultivated in European gardens. The Hautbois or Musk Strawberry Fragaria moschata is native to highland areas from France through to Siberia.
1630/00/00 English settlers select a tidal inlet of the Piscataqua River as a safe harbor for their first settlement, they may have called their community "Strawberry Bank" for the profusion of wild berries they found near the river. Strawberry Banke Historic District Portsmouth, NH
1650/00/00 In the 1600s, the Virginia strawberry (Fragaria virginiana) of North America arrives in Europe. Native to North America and its flavour, size and abundance made it a popular fruit among native tribes and European colonists.
1713/00/00 Amedee-Francois Frezier Work Frezier brings back five specimens of Fragaria chiloensis, the beach strawberry, from Chile. They are the ancestor of dozen of varieties grown in Europe. Some of the plants ended up in the strawberry growing region of Plougastel. Brittany France
1766/00/00 Antoine Nicolas Duchesne publishes his treatise on strawberries. He establishes a collection of strawberries in the botanical garden of the Petit Trianon. Many North American native plants are sent to France for study and planted in the gardens. Petit Trianon Palace and Park of Versailles
1770/00/00 Louis XV of France Life The Trianon gardens raise ten varieties of strawberry for the French Court. Growing thousands of plants and, due to a glasshouse heating process invented in Germany, they are serve year around. Palace and Park of Versailles Versailles, FR
1774/00/00 Menon's cookbook, Le cuisniere bourgeoise, is published. He includes a recipe for Strawberry Cream - half a setier of crushed strawberries, cream, milk and rennet.
1820/00/00 After 1820, large-scale strawberry growing begins in France as trains bring fresh fruit to Paris in good condition.
1837/00/00 Charles Hovey, a nurseryman in Cambridge, MA, develops the 'Hovey' strawberry, the first American strawberry variety that resulted from a planned cross and it is an ancestor of most modern varieties. Cambridge, MA Massachusetts
1851/00/00 James Wilson changes the strawberry into a major crop when he breeds a Hovey to create the Wilson. A productive, firmer and hardier Strawberry, this perfect-flowered fruit can grow by itself without another variety for pollination.
1861/06/10 Silas G Glaspell Farmer After 4 years devoting his whole attention of the cultivation of this fruit, Mr Glaspell offers strawberries for sale at J C Burwell's, corner of 4th St and Brady St, and at Mr Cleavland' and C Munger's at Brady and 13th. College Square Historic District Davenport
1909/00/00 E C Howard of Belchertown, MA, introduces the 'Howard 17'. It has tolerance to leaf spot, leaf scorch and virus diseases and it forms many crowns with early flower bud initiation. For decades it will be important for commercial use and breeding. Belchertown Massachusetts
1920/00/00 Before 1920, most strawberry breeding was done by growers but since then almost all new varieties have been developed by breeders at federal or state experiment stations.

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Product Kind Food
Food Attribute French Food
Food Type Fruit
Plant Family Rosaceae
Food Attribute South American Food
Food Category Victual

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