• Species: Prunus Armeniaca

Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
-2000/00/00 Apricota are cultivated in China and Central Asia. Its botanical name, Prunus armeniaca, is a reference to the land from where the ancient Greeks believed the fruit originated.
0001/00/00 The apricot migrates with traders who travel the Great Silk Road. Chinese merchants very probably introduce the stone fruit to the Persians. They called it the "yellow plum" (zardaloo).
0100/00/00 The Romans encounter the apricot in the first century AD. They called it praecocum, the "precocious one."
1864/06/07 Henry Baker Tristram Visitor Henry B Tristram visits an oasis near Damascus: The great apricot-trees were laden and bent down under strings of ripe, golden fruit.... Asses, mules, and camels in long strings carried heaped panniers of these 'golden apples'. Syrian Arab Republic
2001/00/00 John Driver breeds seeds from Central Asian apricots, land of the Silk Road kingdoms, and plants a test plot of 10 acres. Twice as sweet as the typical fruit, CandyCot Apricots, are now shipped fully ripe in foam-padded boxes. 6373 Stoddard Rd, Modesto Modesto California

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Particulars for :
Food Attribute Armenian Food
Product Kind Food
Food Type Fruit
Food Kind Prunus
Food Attribute Syrian Food
Food Category Victual

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