Caravane Cheese

  • Also Known As: Camelbert

Produced in Mauritania at one of the world's first camel milk dairies, Caravane is a brie-like cheese with a bloomy rind and a gooey off-white center made in Mauritania by Tiviski dairy. - AsNotedIn

Y/M/D Person Association Description Place Locale Event
1986/00/00 Born in England and raised mostly in Spain, Nancy Abeiderrahmane marries a Mauritanian politician and settles in Mauritania.
1989/00/00 After falling in love with the rich, earthy flavor of camel milk, Abeiderrahmane opens a dairy, now called Tiviski. Nomads bring their camel herds to her, and soon she is collecting, pasteurizing, bottling and selling more than 500 gallons of milk a day.
1994/00/00 After consulting with a camel expert in France who had discovered an enzyme that aids curdling, Abeiderrahmanein begins making Caravane camel's milk cheese. Mauritania
2008/00/00 With the assistance of Gary Guthrie, an American importer, Abeiderrahmanein begins importing Caravane cheese into the United States.

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Particulars for :
Animal Camel
Food Type Cheese
Food Attribute Dairy
Product Kind Food
Food Attribute Soft Cheese
Food Category Victual

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