Topor Sausage

  • Also Known As: Bucovina Sausages
  • Romanian: Carnati la topor

Axe Sausage

Topor Sausage is a country pork sausage from the Bukovina Region of Romania made from roughly chopped cubes of the chest and haunch of a pig mixed with ground cuts of the same meat. Blended with pork fat and lard, the meat is seasoned with garlic, white pepper, salt and nutmeg and smoke over a wood fire of such flavor enhancing wood as beach or plum. Well mixed, the lard will melt into the meat. The name comes from the traditional method of chopping the pork with an axe. - AsNotedIn


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Particulars for :
Product Kind Food
Food Type Meat
Food Type Meat Sausage
Food Attribute Moldovan Food
Food Category Victual

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