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Miserere mei (choral music)

  • Type: Choral Music

Miserere mei is a nearly twelve minute of choral composition by Gregorio Allegri later modified by Felix Mendelssohn. The piece has two chorus parts, divided at times by two, to create four groups of singers, with four solo voices that form a quartet. - AsNotedIn

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Y/M/D Association Description Place Locale Food Event
1514/00/00 Constanzo Festa composes a Miserere as a falsobordone for two choirs, one of 5 voices, the other of 4, for use in Holy Week liturgy.
1638/00/00 Gregorio Allegri Composer Composer Gregorio Allegri sets Psalm 51 (Vulgate Psalm 50) to music, Miserere mei, for the exclusive use of the Sistine Chapel during the Tenebrae service on Wednesday and Friday of Holy Week. Sistine Chapel Vatican Museums
1661/00/00 Allegri's setting is written into two books, which contain twelve different settings of the Miserere, each a falsobordone for two choirs of 5 and 4 voices.
1735/00/00 "Miserere mei" by Gregorio Allegri performed in London.
1770/04/11 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Musician Leopold and Wolfgang attend the Wednesday Tenebrae service where he hears "Miserere mei". It is de rigeur for those on the Grand Tour to attend the Tenebrae services during Holy Week. Sistine Chapel Vatican Museums
1770/04/12 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Musician Wolfgang Mozart copies down "Miserere mei" from memory - twelve minutes of choral, contrapuntal music with multiple chorus parts. He will return on Good Friday with his copy tucked inside his hat.
1770/04/14 Leopold Mozart Life You have often heard of the famous Miserere in Rome.... Wolfgang has written it down and we would have sent it to Salzburg in this letter, if it were not necessary for us to be there to perform it. - Leopold, letter to Anna
1770/07/04 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Honor Pope Clement XIV, awards Wolfgang Mozart the Chivalric Order of the Golden Spur for his musical genius.
1771/00/00 Charles Burney Publisher In London, Dr Charles Burney publishes Mozart's version of "Miserere mei" in "La musica che si canta annualmente nelle funzioni della Settimana Santa".
1831/00/00 Felix Mendelssohn Musician Felix Mendelssohn makes a transcription of "Miserere mei". The version he heard was sung a fourth higher than the original.
1838/00/00 Lorenzo Da Ponte Died Lorenzo da Ponte dies in New York City. Da Ponte's Requiem Mass is held at St Patrick's Cathedral, to the sounds of Allegri's Miserere. Old St Patrick's Cathedral New York City
1841/00/00 Frederick Blaydes buys a copy of "Miserere mei" on the Via del Corso in Rome.
1878/00/00 In the first edition of Grove's "Dictionary of Music and Musicians", W S Rockstro incorporates a section of Mendelssohn's High C version in a passage of "Miserere mei" being used to illustrate an article. This will become the standard version.

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Particulars for Miserere mei (choral music):
Music Choral Music music sung by a choir with two or more voices assigned to each part
Art Type Orchestral Composition

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