Themes with Great Northern Railway


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Significant name St Paul Union Depot St Paul, MN
Significant name Minneapolis Trust Company Commercial Building Sandstone
Booster Astoria Column Astoria
Architect Great Northern Depot Pipestone
Architect Great Northern Railway Depot Mayville
Architect Great Northern Freight Warehouse and Depot Grand Forks
Architect Great Northern Passenger Depot Alexandria
Architect Kevin Depot Kevin
Architect Great Northern Depot Skykomish
Architect Great Northern Passenger Depot Rugby
Architect Great Northern Railway Steam Locomotive No 1355 and Tender 1451 Sioux City
1889/09/18 James J Hill forms the Great Northern Railway from the bankrupt St Paul and Pacific, and the Minneapolis and St Cloud. Established
1890/00/00 The Great Northern Railroad's negotiated pay regulations include paying conductors $125.00 a month, transfer engineers at $78.00 and firemen at $52.50, monthly. Business
1890/02/01 The Great Northern assumes control of the Montana Central Railway and the St Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba. Consolidation
1891/04/24 Great Northern Railway track layers start from the town of Cut Bank, Montana. Owner Cut Bank, MT Montana
1891/09/14 Great Northern Railway reaches the Marias Pass, about 12 miles west of East Glacier Park, MT. Owner East Glacier Park, MT Montana
1891/12/31 Great Northern Railway tracks reach Kalispell on the last day of year. Owner Great Northern Railway Depot Kalispell, MT
1892/04/00 Great Northern Railway tracks cross the western border of Montana. Owner
1892/07/00 Eight hundred railway workers, many are Japanese immigrants, construct miles of tracks across the Cascades through Stevens Pass. Owner Iron Goat Trail, Stevens Pass Historic District Stevens Pass
1893/00/00 Owner Rock Island Railroad Bridge Malaga
1893/00/00 Owner Rock Island Railroad Bridge Rock Island
1893/01/06 At Scenic, Washington, the Great Northern becomes a true transcontinental railroad by completing 13 miles (21 km) of track in a switchback alignment to connect the last 3 mile (5km) gap in their rail line. Architect Iron Goat Trail, Stevens Pass Historic District Stevens Pass
1900/12/20 First Cascade Tunnel is completed. Owner First Cascade Railroad Tunnel Stevens Pass
1902/00/00 Original portion built Developer Great Northern Freight Warehouse Fargo
1906/00/00 Developer Great Northern Railway Passenger and Freight Depot Aberdeen, SD
1906/00/00 Wayzata Depot opens, designed by A H Hogeland (Great Northern Railway Chief engineer) and Samuel L Bartlett. Owner Great Northern Railroad Depot Wayzata
1907/00/00 Great Northern Railway builds a chalet hotel for their passengers in Belton, Montana. Remodeled later on, it is now houses a dining room and tap room with large stone fireplace. Developer Belton Chalets Glacier National Park, MT
1909/00/00 Architect Penstock Bridge Leavenworth
1909/00/00 Great Northern Passenger Depot built Developer Great Falls Railroad Historic District Great Falls
1910/00/00 Between 1910-1915, Great Northern Railway builds nine chalets: Belton, St Mary, Sun Point, Many Glacier, Two Medicine, Sperry, Granite Park, Cut Bank and Gunsight Lake. Developer Great Northern Railway Buildings
1910/03/01 With the loss of 96 lives, Great Northern depot and trains are destroyed by avalanche at Wellington. Owner Wellington Town Site Stevens Pass Wellington Avalanche
1912/00/00 Two Medicine Chalet is built. The Two Medicine Campstore was once the dining hall of Two Medicine Chalet complex. Developer Two Medicine General Store Glacier National Park, MT
1913/00/00 Developer Sperry Chalets Glacier National Park, MT
1913/00/00 Developer Granite Park Chalet Glacier National Park, MT
1914/00/00 Developer Many Glacier Hotel Glacier National Park, MT
1923/00/00 The Great Northern Railroad buys a Pullman observation-compartment car and transports it to Alaska. It is renamed Denali, the Indian word for the highest mountain in Alaska, Mount McKinley. Owner Harding Railroad Car Fairbanks
1937/00/00 Owner Great Northern Railway Underpass Stanley, ND
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