Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1795/05/23 Frances Maybank Barry, wife Walter Edward Barry, gives birth to a son, Charles Barry, in Bridge Street, Westminster (opposite the future site of Big Ben at the Palace of Westminster). He will be baptised at St Margaret's, Westminster. Born
1795/06/00 Charles Barry is baptised into the Church of England at St Margaret's, Westminster. Faith Church Of St Margaret, Westminster London
1836/02/00 Charles Hanbury-Tracy's Royal Commission awards Charles Barry the contract to design a Gothic-style palace. Barry receives a prize of 1500 pounds. Architect Palace of Westminster London
1836/03/00 Charles Barry designs St Stephen's Hall, the wide passageway from Westminster Hall to the Central Lobby of his new Palace, on exactly the same footprint as the old House of Commons. Architect St Stephen's Hall and Cloister Palace of Westminster
1854/00/00 Turret originally built as part of the parapet of the Houses of Parliament, constructed 1840-54 Architect Turret From Houses Of Parliament Clitheroe Castle
1855/00/00 Shrubland Hall is remodeled 1849-55 by Sir Charles Barry for Sir William Fowle Fowle Middleton, Bart. Architect Shrubland Hall Shrubland Park
1855/00/00 Victoria Tower Lodge and Gates to Black Rod Garden are erected, 1850-1860 by Sir Charles Barry and A W N Pugin, part of the rebuilding of the Palace of Westminster. Magnesian limestone, Gothic-Tudor domestic. Small octagonal lodge with pointed arched door Architect Victoria Tower Lodge and Gates To Black Rod Garden Palace of Westminster
1860/05/12 At The Elms, his home in Clapham Common, Barry suffers a heart attack, experiencing difficulty breathing and pain. He will die shortly after. Died
1860/05/22 The funeral cortege for Charles Barry begins at Vauxhall Bridge. Pall-bearers: Charles Eastlake, William Cowper-Temple, George Parker Bidder, Edward Cust, Alexander Beresford Hope, Henry Hart Milman, Charles Robert Cockerell and Sir William Tite In Memoriam Vauxhall Bridge London
1860/05/22 During a funeral service led by the Dean of Westminster Abbey, Richard Chenevix Trench, Charles Barry, the Architect of the New Palace of Westminster, is laid to rest at Westminster Abbey. In Memoriam Westminster Abbey, London London
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