Themes with Dutch West India Company


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1614/03/27 Merchants in Holland create "The United New Netherland Company" and obtain from the States-General at the Hague the right to trade with the inhabitants near the Hudson River for a period of three years beginning 1 January 1615. Established The Hague Netherlands Losing New Netherland
1623/00/00 The Dutch West India Company rents the Vleeshal and Schutterswachthuis. The west and a south wing are built shortly after the conversion into West Indisch Huis. Office West India House, Amsterdam Amsterdam
1624/00/00 The Dutch West India Co sends 18 Protestant Walloons to build Fort Orange. The company appoints "comforter of sick" to read scripture and a sermon on the sabbath. Director Fort Orange Archeological Site Albany
1624/05/00 Thirty families, under the command of Cornelius Jacobsen May, arrive from the Dutch Republic on the ship "New Netherland" and settle on Governors Island. Sponsor Governors Island Settling the American Colonies
1626/05/24 Peter Minuit arrived in the bay of New Amsterdam and at once buys from the local tribal members on the island of Manhattan with 60 guilders ($24) worth of trade goods, and vests the title in the Dutch West India Trading Company. Owner Manhattan New York City
1636/00/00 The Dutch West India Company trades Dutch goods, cloths, implements, and liquors for the Indians' furs, fish and venison. Work Dutch Island Lighthouse Jamestown, RI
1637/00/00 Fort Ninigret is built by the Dutch West India Company or by Portuguese explorers prior to 1637. Architect Fort Ninigret Charlestown, RI
1638/00/00 Oloff Van Cortlandt arrives in New Amsterdam in the employ of the Dutch West India Company Work
1642/00/00 West India Warehouse is built in Amsterdam. Owner West India Warehouse, Amsterdam Amsterdam
1651/05/25 The Dutch West India Company, under the leadership of Peter Stuyvesant, establishes Fort Casimir. The site is a no-longer existing barrier island at the end of Chestnut Street in New Castle, Delaware. Owner New Castle, DE Delaware
1655/09/00 Dutch West India Company attacks New Sweden's Naamans Creek settlement Belligerent Robinson House Claymont, DE
1674/00/00 West India Company quit their Warehouse in Amsterdam. Office West India Warehouse, Amsterdam Amsterdam
1722/04/05 Dutch navigator Jacob Roggeveen, of the Dutch West India Company, lands on Easter Island, Easter Sunday, 5 April 1722 Easter Island Chile
1821/00/00 Records in Holland of the West India Trading Company were sold as waste-paper. End
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