Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Significant name Strickland, William, Row Philadelphia, PA
Architect St Stephen's Episcopal Church Philadelphia, PA
Architect St John's Church, Philly Philadelphia, PA
Architect US Mint, New Orleans Branch New Orleans
Architect Oakley Gallatin
Architect Tennessee State Capitol Nashville, TN
Architect Delaware Breakwater and Lewes Harbor Cape Henlopen State Park, DE
Architect National Harbor of Refuge and Delaware Breakwater Harbor Historic District Cape Henlopen State Park, DE
Architect US Naval Home Philadelphia, PA
Architect Nashville City Cemetery Nashville, TN
Architect First Presbyterian Church Nashville, TN
Architect Southwest Mountains Rural Historic District Keswick
Architect Burlington Historic District Burlington
Architect St Peter's Church Philadelphia, PA
1818/00/00 Construction begins on the Second Bank of the United States' building. Architect Second Bank of the United States Philadelphia, PA
1824/00/00 Reuben Haines III and his wife, Jane Bowne Haines, hire William Strickland to update and remodel Wyck House Architect Wyck House Philadelphia, PA
1824/08/21 A committee of the City Councils have directed the Room in the State House, in which the Declaration was signed, to be fitted up, under the direction of Mr Strickland, as a Levee Room for the General. - Saturday Evening Post Architect Independence Hall Philadelphia, PA
1824/09/00 Philadelphia erects about a dozen temporary triumphal arches for Lafayette's visit. Made of canvas on wood frames, the Grand Civic Arch near the State House Yard stands 35 high and span 45 feet across Chestnut St. Artistic Coordinator Independence Square, Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA
1828/00/00 Current steeple built for Independence Hall Architect Independence Hall Philadelphia, PA
1828/01/12 Construction begins on College of Charleston's Main Building, 2-story brick structure with a pedimented 3 bay wide projecting pavilion on the south (main) facade and gable ends on east and west sides, completed in March 1829, cost $21,000 Architect College of Charleston Charleston, SC
1830/02/07 Due to lack of funds, the current Nathanael Greene Obelisk is erected in Johnson Square to honor both Greene and Polish Count, General Casimir Pulaski. Architect Savannah Historic District Savannah
1835/00/00 Commissioners for Rebuilding the Capitol consult with Philadelphia architect William Strickland. Consulting Architect North Carolina State Capitol Raleigh
1836/02/00 Nathan Dunn buys the Joseph Sims estate, Laurel Hill, north of Philadelphia for $15,200. John Jay Smith, druggist Frederick Brown, merchant Nathan Dunn, architect William Strickland and Benjamin W Richards establish the Laurel Hill Cemetery Company. Founder Laurel Hill Cemetery Philadelphia, PA
1837/00/00 Sussex County Courthouse built per a design by William Strickland. Architect Sussex County Courthouse and the Circle Georgetown, DE
1838/00/00 Providence Athenaeum Greek Revivalbuilding is built on Benefit Street. Architect Providence Athenaeum Providence, RI
1847/04/19 Grace Church is built in 1847 with interior woodwork by McSparren. A project of Mrs William Cabell Rives, the architectural drawings were signed by W Strickland, Archt. Nashville 19th April 47. Architect Grace Church Keswick
1849/08/05 Adelicia Hayes Franklin marries Joseph AS Acklen. They begin construction of Belmont soon after their wedding. William Strickland is said to have been the architect, but no verification of this assumption has been made. Architect Belmont Nashville, TN
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