Paul Revere and Son

  • 1792-1803: Revere and Sons
  • American

Paul Revere and Son was a series of early American foundries established in Boston by Paul Revere, Paul Revere Junior and Joseph Warren Revere. The Paul Revere and Son was the successor to a foundry established by Paul Revere in 1787. - AsNotedIn

Notable Position Person From To
Partner Paul Revere 1797 1811
Partner Paul Revere Jr 1797 1803
Partner Joseph Warren Revere (Business) 1797
Apprentice George Holbrook
Apprentice Frederick Walker Lincoln


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1787/00/00 Paul Revere builds a foundry (lost) on the corner of Lynn and Foster Streets in Boston's North End with financing from his silversmith shop and from his Hichborn cousins. Genesis
1790/00/00 After several years of producing such iron products a firebacks and window weights, the Revere foundry (lost) begins casting bells and cannons, and making bolts and spikes for the shipbuilding industry. Genesis
1792/06/28 Paul Revere buys a lot on Lynn Street, now Commercial St, at Sliding Ally in Boston and establishes a foundry with his sons Paul Jr and Joseph Warren. Established
1800/00/00 Paul Revere and Son advertising card features the manufacture of Cast Bells and Brass Cannon of all Sizes, and all kinds of Bolts, Spikes, Nails, etc from copper at their foundry in the North End of Boston. The steel engraving is by Thomas Clarke. Advertisement
1801/00/00 Samuel Parkman commissions Paul Revere to cast a bronze bell for his father, Rev Ebenezer Parkman's Westborough MA church. The bell was installed in October of 2011 in the Old South Meeting House. Foundry Old South Meetinghouse Boston
1801/00/00 Paul Revere establishes a copper rolling mill at a renovated gunpowder mill in Canton, Massachusetts, with son Joseph W Revere where he will become the first American to successfully roll copper into sheets as a commercially viable business. Manufacturer Paul Revere Heritage Site Canton
1801/02/21 PAUL REVERE AND SONS, At their BELL and CANNON FOUNDRY, At the North-part of Boston, N E. Cast and finish BELLS and brass CANNON, of any size or weight, equal to any imported. They Manufacture, and keep ready for sale, BOLTS, SPIKES, NAILS, etc Advertisement
1802/00/00 Massachusetts State House dome, first covered by wood shingles in 1798, is sheathed in copper from Revere's copper rolling mill in Canton. Manufacturer Massachusetts Statehouse Boston
1802/00/00 Revere Bell is cast by Paul Revere (bought by the Old South Church in 1803, still hand rung on Sundays, Holidays and special occasions). Foundry Old South Church, Newburyport Newburyport
1803/00/00 Revere's copper rolling mill in Canton supplies thousands of sheets of copper used to re-fit the CONSTITUTION. Manufacturer USS CONSTITUTION Boston
1804/00/00 Paul Revere and Son cast a 900 pound bronze bell for the East Parish Church in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Sold to the church in 1805, it is on display in the Revere House courtyard. Foundry Paul Revere House Boston
1805/04/03 PAUL REVERE AND SON, At their BELL and CANNON FOUNDRY, At the North-part of Boston, CAST BELLS of all sizes, every kind of brass ORDNANCE, and every type of Composition Work for SHIPS, etc, at the shortest notice, Manufacture COPPER into SHEETS, BOLTS Advertisement Paul Revere Heritage Site Canton
1807/00/00 Beginning in 1807, the Revere mill in Canton, Massachusetts, provides heavy copper sheets to Robert Fulton to be used to manufacture boilers in many of his steamboats. Supplier Paul Revere Heritage Site Canton Invention of the Steamboat
1807/05/07 CHURCH BELLS. PAUL REVERE AND SON, No 13, Lynn Street, North End, BOSTON, HAVE constantly for sale CHURCH and ACADEMY BELLS, of all sizes, which they will warrant equal to any made in Europe, or this country. - Ad in the Massachusetts Spy Advertisement Paul Revere Heritage Site Canton
1808/04/18 $117 is donated to St Marys First Presbyterian Church to buy a Revere and Sons bell, installed in 1808. Foundry Saint Marys First Presbyterian Church St Marys
1814/00/00 The Revere Copper Company recast the King's Chapel bell. "the sweetest bell we ever made" - Paul Revere Foundry King's Chapel, Boston Boston
1816/00/00 A Paul Revere and Sons bell is installed at the First Religious Society Church and Parish Hall in Newburyport. Foundry First Religious Society Church and Parish Hall Newburyport
1835/00/00 In 1929, a c 1835 church bell, attributed to the Revere Copper Company of Boston, is installed in the Martha-Mary Chapel at Edison Institute. Foundry Martha-Mary Chapel, Greenfield The Henry Ford Museum
1843/00/00 Between 1792 and 1843, the Revere foundry cast over 900 bells. 146 are known to still exist. Foundry Paul Revere Heritage Site Canton
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