Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Owner Hacienda Lodge Fort Hunter Liggett
Owner Examiner Building Los Angeles
1863/04/29 William Randolph Hearst is born in San Francisco the son of George Hearst and Phoebe Apperson Hearst. Born William Randolph Hearst's Birthday
1887/03/04 George Hearst transfers control of the San Francisco Daily Examiner to his son, William Randolph Hearst. Editor
1897/06/20 William Hearst hires Mark Twain to report on Queen Victoria's Jubilee. Essays published in the San Francisco Examiner, June 20 and 23. Publisher Queen Victoria's Jubilee Queen Victoria's Jubilee
1903/00/00 Benefactor Hearst Greek Theatre Berkeley
1905/03/00 William R Hearst buys Cosmopolitan magazine for $400,000 (equivalent to $11,154,000 in 2018) and hires journalist Charles Edward Russell. Owner
1910/01/00 William Randolph Hearst enjoys his first ride in an airplane. Air Meet Sponsor Dominguez Ranch Adobe Compton 1910 Los Angeles International Aviation Meet
1919/00/00 Along the rugged coast of central California, newspaper publisher William R Hearst makes plans for improving his sprawling ranch by building something more comfortable than the tents he and his family have used over the years. Owner Hearst San Simeon Estate San Simeon
1923/07/00 Ku Klux Klan sues Hearst's International Magazine, whose offices are in the Lewisohn Building, after they publish a critical article based on documents the Klan claims were illegally obtained. The Klan did not deny the authenticity of the articles. Owner Lewisohn Building New York City
1924/03/31 Letter to Julia Morgan: I am sending back the plan of the temple garden with the suggestion that we make the pool longer than it is, as long as a swimming pool. Mrs Hearst and the children are extremely anxious to have a swimming pool! WRH Home, Architect Hearst San Simeon Estate San Simeon
1925/00/00 Arthur Brisbane and William Hearst announce plans to erect a group of commercial buildings on East 57th Street and one on West 54th. No 5 East 57th Street, the former home of Mrs Luther Kountze, is one of 14 structures to be demolished. Developer No 5 East 57th Street, NYC New York City
1927/00/00 Gymnasium opens - William Randolph Hearst funds gymnasium in honor of his mother, Phoebe Hearst. Benefactor Hearst Gymnasium for Women Berkeley
1929/06/15 Charles Lindbergh meets with William Hearst at his residence on Riverside Dr and 86th St, NYC. Hearst offers Lindbergh $500,000 and 10 percent of the gross receipts to star in a motion picture opposite Marion Davies. Lindbergh politely declines. Host Yorkville
1929/08/00 With major funding by William Hearst, Eckener sails the Graf Zeppelin around the world, the only such flight by an airship, and the second by an aircraft of any type. The flight began and ended at Lakehurst NAS, 4 of the 9 passengers worked for Hearst. Financial Backer Hangar No 1, Lakehurst Naval Air Station Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
1929/09/29 Winston Churchill is lavishly entertained in California by William Randolph Hearst. Host Hearst San Simeon Estate San Simeon Winston Churchill's 1929 North American Tour
1934/00/00 William Randolph Hearst has two units lavishly remodeled into a 3,005 square foot, two-floor suite that includes four bedrooms and four bathrooms. It is now known as "The Hearst Suite". Home Los Altos Apartments Los Angeles
1941/01/13 RKO plans to open Citizen Kaneon on Feb 14. Hearst threatens a legal action to prevent the release. George Schaefer meets with Hearst attorneys who search the script for anything libelous. Hearst told his 17 newspapers not to mention RKO, except in ads. Offended Citizen Kane
1947/05/00 In early May, with his health declining, William R Hearst and Marion Davies leave Hearst Castle for the last time. They will make a home at 1007 Beverley Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Home The Hills 90210
1951/08/14 William Randolph Hearst dies in Beverly Hills at the age of 88. He is buried the Hearst family mausoleum at the Cypress Lawn Cemetery in Colma, California. Died
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