Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1757/04/12 Ann Ross Key, wife of Francis Key, Keyes, gives birth to a son, Philip Barton Key, in Charlestown, Cecil County, Province of Maryland. Born Charlestown Maryland
1784/00/00 Philip Barton Key graduates from the Middle Temple in London, England. Education Middle Temple London
1789/00/00 Philip B Key pays a visit to Henry Addington at Woodley House (lost) in Woodley, Berkshire. Guest Bulmershe Manor Woodley
1790/07/04 Ann Plater, daughter of George Plater, marries Philip Barton Key in Saint Mary's County, Maryland. Groom Marriage of Ann Plater and Philip Barton Key
1797/00/00 Phillip B Key buys a 250-acre (101 ha) wooded estate previously owned by Col Ninian Beall and Benjamin Stoddert. Owner Woodley Mansion Washington, DC
1801/00/00 A Federal-style residence is built for Phillip Key. The design for the dwelling is based on the main block of Woodley House (lost), the home of Henry Addington in Reading, England. Home Woodley Mansion Washington, DC
1815/07/28 Philip Barton Key dies in Georgetown, District of Columbia, United States. Died Woodley Mansion Washington, DC
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