F W Woolworth Company

  • American

F W Woolworth Company was a notable American retail company. - AsNotedIn

Notable Position Person From To
Founder Frank Winfield Woolworth 1911
Director and Senior Vice-Principal Seymour Horace Knox 1912 1915


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1879/02/00 Frank W Woolworth opens a Great Five Cent Store in a small store on Bleecker Street in Utica, New York, with $300 he borrowed from William Moore. Begun
1911/00/00 Seymour H Knox merges his more than 100 S H Knox Co 5 and 10 Cent Stores with those of his first cousins, Frank Winfield Woolworth and Charles Woolworth, to form the F W Woolworth Company. Established
1912/04/24 Woolworth Building, built in the neo-Gothic style between 1910 and 1912, opens as the world's tallest building. It was surpassed by 40 Wall Street, NYC in 1930. Owner Woolworth Building New York City
1925/00/00 Owner F W Woolworth Building Fort Worth, TX
1945/00/00 Woolworth's Department Store takes over the first and second floors and basement. It was the largest in the United States until 1992, when it was downsized. They remained a tenant until 1996. Lease Holder Flood Building San Francisco
1948/09/09 FW Woolworth opens a new building at 106 Main Street in Lexington, Kentucky, with air conditioning and fluorescent lighting. The Woolworth store closed on 13 January 1990 and the Art Deco style building was razed in 2004. Architect
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