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Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1809/09/21 Sophia Amelia Peabody is born in Salem, the daughter of Nathaniel and Elizabeth Peabody. Born
1833/04/00 Mary Peabody sells two oil paints for $60 at the Salem Ladies Fair, a fundraiser for the Samuel Howe's New England Institution for the Education of the Blind. Artist Perkins School for the Blind Watertown
1837/08/00 Entreated by her sister Elizabeth to come downstairs to meet the handsome Nathaniel Hawthorne, Sophia replies, "If he has come once, he'll come again." Sophia, who suffers from migraines, will meet Nathaniel in a few months. Bride Grimshawe-Peabody House, Salem Salem, MA Marriage of Sophia Peabody and Nathaniel Hawthorne
1840/08/00 Sophia Peabody, a skilled painter and sculptor, creates her works which are for in the bookstore, as is an exclusive line of fine art supplies endorsed by family friend and Romantic landscape painter, Washington Allston. Home, Work Peabody Residence and Book Room Boston
1842/07/09 Sophia Peabody weds Nathaniel Hawthorne in the upstairs parlor at the Peabody Home in Boston, MA. Bride Peabody Residence and Book Room Boston Marriage of Sophia Peabody and Nathaniel Hawthorne
1842/07/09 Sophia and Nathaniel Hawthorne rent Old Manse from Ralph Waldo Emerson for $100 per annum. Home Old Manse Concord, MA
1845/10/02 Unable to afford the rent on their Concord home, Nathaniel, Sophia, and daughter Una, return to live in Hawthorne's mother's home on Herbert St in Salem. Home Manning House Salem, MA
1846/03/00 A pregnant Sophia Hawthorne moves to 77 Carver St in Boston to be near her family and her doctor. Although there is a street sign, Carver Street no longer remains. Life Bay Village
1846/06/22 Sophia gives birth to Julian. "A small troglodyte made his appearance ..., the heir of all our wealth and honors. He has dark hair and is no great beauty at present, but is said to be a particularly fine little urchin by everybody who has seen him." Dad Mother
1846/07/00 Shortly after the birth of their son Julian, the Hawthorne family moves into the Bott-Fabin House. Home Bott-Fabin House Salem, MA
1850/02/23 Nathaniel Hawthorne finishes reading "The Scarlet Letter" to his wife, Sophia. Mall St will be the Hawthorne home until March 1850. Life The Scarlet Letter The Scarlet Letter House Salem, MA
1850/03/00 The Hawthornes take a cottage in Stockbridge where, most days, Nathaniel walks two miles to the Lenox post office to pickup his mail. His series of children's stories, Tanglewood Tales, are inspired by the name of the neighboring estate. Home Hawthorne's Little Red Cottage Stockbridge
1852/07/01 Prior to departing for England, Hawthorne buys from J B Moore a 10.5 acre tract of land lying on the summit of the hill north of The Wayside. Home The Wayside Concord, MA
1860/06/20 The Hawthornes return to Concord and immediately start to plan changes to the property. Including moving the barn and connecting it to the house with a wing. Home The Wayside Concord, MA
1868/00/00 Sophia Hawthorne and her three children, Rose, Una and Julian, move to England. Home The Wayside Concord, MA
1871/02/26 Sophia Hawthorne dies of typhoid pneumonia in London, England. Died
1871/03/04 Sophia Hawthorne is buried in Kensal Green Cemetery, London. The grave is on a sunny hillside looking towards the east with a head and footstone of white marble. Una plants ivy she had brought from America and periwinkle from her papa's grave. In Memoriam Kensal Green Cemetery, Kensington Kensal Green, London
2006/06/26 The remains of Sophia Peabody Hawthorne and her daughter, Una, are brought from England and reinterred in the Hawthorne family plot at Sleepy Hollow cemetery in Concord. In Memoriam Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Concord, MA
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