Dr Benjamin Rush

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American Patriot and physician. - AsNotedIn

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Surgeon General of the Middle Department of the Continental Army Continental Army


Themes with Dr Benjamin Rush


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1759/00/00 Benjamin Rush graduates from West Nottingham School in Maryland. Education West Nottingham Academy Historic District Colora
1773/00/00 Dr Benjamin Rush establishes Carlisle Grammar School. Founder Old West, Dickinson College Carlisle, PA
1776/01/11 Julia Stockton marries Benjamin Rush Groom Marriage of Julia Stockton and Benjamin Rush
1776/07/22 Benjamin Rush arrives at the Second Constitutional Convention Represented Pennsylvania Independence Hall Philadelphia, PA Second Continental Congress
1776/08/02 Rush signs the Declaration of Independence: awful silence which pervaded the house when we were called up, one after another, to the table of the President of Congress, to subscribe what was believed by many at that time to be our own death warrants? Signer, Represented Pennsylvania US Declaration of Independence
1777/01/03 Hugh Mercer receives 7 bayonet wounds and is carried off the battlefield by his aide-de-camp, John Armstrong, where he is treated by James Craik and Benjamin Rush. Surgeon Princeton Battlefield Princeton Battle of Princeton
1777/04/00 Dr Benjamin Rush is commissioned Surgeon General of the Middle Department of the Continental Army. Vocation
1777/09/12 Dr Rush arrives at Gilpin Homestead at the request of General Howe to treat American wounded. Surgeon Gilpin Homestead Chadds Ford Battle of Brandywine
1793/07/00 The first major American yellow fever epidemic arrives in Philadelphia. Dr Rush believes the outbreak began in a mound of coffee beans rotting on the a dock. Surgeon Old City, Philly 1793 Philadelphia Yellow Fever Epidemic
1793/08/00 Benjamin Rush treats his patients with "heroic medicine", including copiously bleeding and large quantities of mercury. Vocation 1793 Philadelphia Yellow Fever Epidemic
1793/09/20 Dr Rush believes the body should rid itself of excess bile causing the disease: I now added gamboge to the calomel. Two grains and an half of each made into a pill, were given to an adult every six hours until they procured four or five stools. - BR Vocation 1793 Philadelphia Yellow Fever Epidemic
1794/07/29 Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia is dedicated. Richard Allen established the congregation with the assistance of Dr Benjamin Rush. Vocation Mother Bethel AME Church Philadelphia, PA
1800/00/00 Benjamin Rush markets a laxative, Dr Rush's Bilious Pills. The pill is said to relieve "bilious" caused by a poor flow of bile in the body resulting in constipation, headache and a lack of energy. Work
1803/07/00 Dr Rush advises Lewis that when one of his men showed signs of an approaching disease, they are to take one or two of his "opening pills". The outfit buys 600 of Rush's Thunderbolts. The mercury laxatives contain calomel and jalap, both potent laxatives. Medical Advisor Lewis and Clark Expedition
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