Carey and Lea

  • 1829-1833: Carey and Lea
  • 1817-1822: Carey and Son
  • 1833-1838: Carey, Lea and Blanchard
  • 1827-1829: Carey, Lea and Carey
  • 1838: Lea and Blanchard
  • 1822-1824: Matthew Carey and Son

Philadelphia publishing company founded by Mathew Carey, c 1785. - AsNotedIn

Notable Position Person From To
Partner Edward L Carey 1827 1829
Partner Henry Charles Carey 1817 1838
Partner Mathew Carey 1785 1839
Partner William A Blanchard 1833 1838


Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1785/00/00 Mathew Carey publishes the 'Pennsylvania Evening Herald', but soon leaves the newspaper to establishes publishing company. Established
1812/00/00 The Carey firm hires William Blanchard.
1817/00/00 Henry Carey is elevated to junior partner and the company's name is changed to Carey and Son.
1820/11/00 Having recovered from his financial difficulties, John Miller ventures an offer a transatlantic publishing service to Mathew Carey and Son.
1822/00/00 After marrying Matthew Carey's daughter, Frances Anne, Isaac Lea, is brought in as junior partner.
1824/00/00 "Tales of a Traveller" by Washington Irving is published in Philedelphia by H C Carey and I Lea of Chesnut Street. Publisher Tales of a Traveller (short story collection)
1824/00/00 Matthew Carey retires, his share bought out by Henry. However, his influence will remain strong. The company will continue paying him a handsome salary, and some of his incidental expenses until his death in 1839.
1826/02/00 Last of the Mohicans - published Publisher Last of the Mohicans
1827/00/00 Edward Carey, who had been working in publishing in England since 1822, joins the family firm. During his brief stay, Edward will leave in 1829, the company is known as Carey, Lea and Carey.
1832/05/00 "Tales of the Alhambra" by Washington Irving is published in the United States by Lea and Carey. Publisher Tales of the Alhambra (collection)
1833/00/00 William Blanchard is named partner. A faithful and unobtrusive partner, he takes no creative part in publishing policy but runs the day-to-day operations, allowing the other principals more time to work on their own writing efforts.
1837/00/00 The first volume of "Principles of Political Economy" by Henry C Carey is published by Carey, Lea and Blanchard of Chestnut street in Philadelphia and Frank Cass and Co in London. Publisher Principles of Political Economy (Carey book)
1837/00/00 "Directions for Cookery" by Miss Leslie of Philadelphia is published by Carey, Lea and Blanchard. Publisher Directions for Cookery (Leslie cookbook)
1838/00/00 Henry Carey retires from book publishing. With his departure, the firm is renamed to Lea and Blanchard.
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