Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
Y/M/D Description Association Composition Place Locale Food Event
1831/07/02 Lucy Adams Tracy, wife of Dr Charles Jewett, gives birth to a son, Charles Jewett, in East Greenwich, Kent, Rhode Island. Born East Greenwich, RI Rhode Island
1852/03/12 Charles Jewett writes his family after walking across the isthmus of Panama to embark on a ship. His family may have resided in London, as he refers to the Crystal Palace (built 1851) in a later letter. Life Panama Canal Panama
1852/04/18 the mines, they do not meet my expectation, though some are very fortunate. Yet most of the miners work hard and get no pay. Don't think by that, that I am sorry that I came to Cal for the chances to make money are far superior to those in the states - CJ Work Weaverville Historic District Weaverville California Gold Rush
1852/11/15 I have not had on a white shirt since I left San Francisco. I try to keep warm and dry, everything is so wet as it is raining nearly all the time now. - Charles Jewett Jun Life Eureka Historic District Eureka
1853/08/20 Mother wished I could have an opportunity to read Uncle Tom's Cabin. I am reading it and like it very much.... I suppose that the Cristal Palace is in full operation now. I would like to see all its wonder, though I would pass them all, to see my home. CJ Life Uncle Tom's Cabin (book) Eureka Historic District Eureka
1855/00/00 After spending three years as a gold miner, cattle rancher and logger in California, Charles Jewett returns home to Newton, Massachusetts. Life
1857/03/18 Mary Nutting marries Charles Jewett in Faribault, Rice, Minnesota. Groom Faribault, MN Minnesota
1862/00/00 Charles Jewett fights at Fort Ridgely in Minnesota in a conflict with the Sioux Nation. Military Fort Ridgely State Park, MN Minnesota
1863/08/15 Charles Jewett, a farmer from Millbury, Massachusetts, enlist as a Second Lieutenant in the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry. Union Commander
1864/12/03 Charles Jewett is promoted to First Lieutenant in the Company G, Massachusetts 54th Infantry Regiment of the Union Army, mustering 12 March 1865. Union Commander
1865/03/00 From January to March 1865, Charles Jewett takes on extra duty as Acting Regimental Quartermaster. Union Commander
1865/06/17 First Lieutenant Charles Jewett resign his Army position. Union Commander
1890/01/01 Charles Jewett dies in Grandview, Rhea, Tennessee. Mr Jewett is buried at Cummins Community Cemetery in Grandview. Died Rhea County, TN
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